Saturday, December 10, 2011

Something New And Different

It all started with a bag. This bag, to be exact:

Now, I'm exceedingly picky when it comes to my purse. (This is probably why I've used the same black leather Fossil backpack/purse for the last six years). I like to have my hands free, and I don't like purses that just sit there looking practical. My dream purse is either a backpack or a cross-body, and it's got to be a little funky. Not crazy funky. Just funky enough. The kind that's quilted, say, in a nice floral pattern.

So I had one of those "Where have you been all of my life?" moments when I saw this bag. *cue the angelic voices on high*
My friend Stephanie was wearing it at an Odyssey of the Mind meeting. I'd never seen anything like it before, so I said, "I love your bag," having already decided in my head that no matter where or when she said she'd bought it, I was going to move heaven and earth, and ebay if need be, to get one. Imagine my relief when she said, "Oh, thanks. It's a thirty-one bag. Kate (another friend) sells them."

I had  heard of thirty-one before when I lived in South Carolina (otherwise known as The Home of the Cute Purse). But me and my Fossil bag weren't paying attention because we were too busy dodging spit up and lugging diapers around. I made my mind up right then and there that at the very first opportunity (like, the milisecond I saw Kate) I was going get her to order one for me RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

So, perhaps it was fate that that very same evening, there was an email in by inbox from Kate, asking if anyone would like to host a thirty-one party. Well, I had been down that road before and I knew (frugalista that I am) that if I booked a party, there was a good chance I could get my bag at a discount. Heck, I might get it for free. So I wrote Kate back and said, "Sign me up!"

Fast forward to my party. I am southern, after all, so I put out a spread. And being a home party hostess veteran, I fully expected everyone to huddle in the kitchen with the food, socializing, and studiously avoiding the product table until it was time for Kate's presentation. How wrong I was. My friends made a beeline to the purses, totes, thermal bags, and accessories, forgetting about the food, forgetting about the "party", even forgetting about me! (And I'm totally ok with this.) They racked up so many sales that I ended up getting my purse (yeah!), the matching wallet, and two teacher gifts, all for FREE. Do the happy dance with me, people.

So Kate and I were talking afterwards and she said, "You should really be a thirty-one consultant." Automatically I was like, "No thanks. Not for me. I don't do sales."

But like all the niggling little thoughts that eventually become full blown obsessions for me (ie. getting Ruby--and see how well that turned out), I began to think to myself, "Hmmm.... I like everything in the catalog. I would use everything in the catalog. It's fairly affordable. Why not?" So then I called Kate back and said, "Okay, I'm in."

I won't officially enroll until Tuesday, and I already have one order, a party scheduled, and a few more possibly in the works. I can't wait to see where this leads me.

Come next Tuesday, I will post information about my new thirty-one website where you can browse, shop, and book parties (Pretty please! You can get free stuff too!)

But never fear, I'm not going to put the hard sell on you and I'm still going to be writing. I'll just be keeping my laptop and all my writing supplies organized in a really cute bag from now on. :-)

This week I met my goal of writing 35,000 words before Christmas. I'd like to pound out another 5000 words and be at the official halfway point, but since things are moving at an acceptable pace, and I'm doing this all while having lots of Christmastime fun with the boys, I really can't complain. The thing about writing is that it has put my creativity quotient into overdrive, and since I need an outlet for it,  I've been having a RIDICULOUS time with our Elf on the Shelf Patrick lately, letting him go wild with crazy adventures.

Yesterday he baked cupcakes for the boys.

Thursday he had coffee with some friends.

Earlier in the week he was a pirate.

And he got into our beading supplies.

Patrick has some big plans for the rest of this week, so that means I've got work to do! Check back here or on facebook to see what he does next!

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