Thursday, October 06, 2011

An Odyssey

Last night I went to the district's informational meeting for Odyssey of the Mind. I didn't really need any information--I ate, slept, and breathed OM for the better part of my public school education and I loved (almost) every minute of it. I signed Sam up for a team, and a volunteered to be the team's coach. Which is great and exciting and all that. But the bitter truth is, OM just isn't the huge deal around here that it was back home. No one else is signed up to do the primary problem at his elementary school. And that's not at all the experience I want for him. I want it to be a big deal here, too, but I feel a bit out of my element recruitment-wise, because I don't know hardly anyone at the school yet. I'm hoping that I can talk the few people I do know into participating, but that remains to be seen.

Two steps forward, one step back...

That's the theme of the day around here, folks.

Lately, I've been going gangbusters on my novel. Finally, the juices are flowing again. I'm seeing scenes again in my head, and the words are in my fingers, and I feel like it's all coming together. Over the last couple of days I've managed to write 2000 words. And I was stoked! That's the kind of progress I needed to be making. But as I wrote my chapter outlines (months ago), I embedded notes to myself in the text, and as I've been writing and taking those notes out, my word count has started slipping again. It's so frustrating. I'm right back to where I started now. I've made progress, but no forward momentum.

And in a more literal sense, Ruby started Basic Obedience classes this week. I was taking a course that night through the district's adult education classes, so Tom had to take her instead of me (and Tom has never trained a dog to do anything). To hear him tell it, it was a complete and utter fiasco. She barked her head off the entire hour, and when she wasn't barking, she was lunging, growling, and snarling at the other dogs like a crazy animal, and instead of heeling like every other dog in the class, she was so out of control that she stood on her hind legs and hopped around the circle. I'm pretty confident that either 1) she is not going to pull that crap when I'm the one holding the leash, or 2) she will, and I'll find it hilarious, and she and I will be know throughout Glenville as Crazy Woman and Psycho Dog (do they make costumes for that? LOL). Anyway, I know from experience that she will figure it out eventually. Tuendi was definitely the juvenile delinquent of Puppy Kindergarten, and yes, she was pretty atrocious during class, but she and I worked it out on our own time, and she's the picture of obedience now. Today I took Ruby and Tuendi out on the tandem leash again and I couldn't get Ruby to knock off the kangaroo-hopping for anything, so after a quick walk around the block, I dropped Tuendi off in the house, and brought Ruby back outside by herself. And guess who can heel like a champ? Yeah... she was holding out on me.

We're making progress, but the going is slow. More updates as they come.

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