Friday, September 02, 2011

This Is How It's Done

I have a knack for finding the most amazing things on clearance. Today, I was minding my own business at Wal-mart, and came upon this cute little Robot stuff--a recyclable lunch bag, drink bottle, and snack holder--for .10/each!

I would imagine that most people would see these and think oh, cool! Cheap ___fill in the blank___. I'll get one for my kid. But I am not most people. I see this and think "Holy crap! John can have a robot-themed birthday party and these can be his oh-so-cool and practical favors! For .30/kid, I am going to stock up!" And then I bought 15 of each.

They also had the cutest banana split and cupcake-themed bags, too, and I almost got them, my thinking being that I could do an ice cream social birthday party at some point. But while I love a great deal, I didn't think my boys were at an age where they'd be able to live down girly looking party favors (and being bright pink, they were exceeding girly), so I passed on those, came home, and called one of my friends with a daughter and told her about them.

The key to getting a great deal is to 1) be flexible--think of all possible uses for an item before you pass on it, and 2) be willing to store it for a while. John's birthday is 9 months away, so I'll be storing these for a loooong time. Which is fine, because I know I'll use them. A great deal is only a great deal if you actually use it. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy anything they might use. Many a packrat started that way...

I'm going to go celebrate my great find! Have any of you come upon a can't-live-without-it sale recently? Let's celebrate a successful shopping trip together!

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