Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fake It Til You Make It

I keep telling myself I should write more blogs, I should work on my novel, I should do something this summer, but for whatever reason, I just don't have the mojo. What I do have is a cold. In August. It's a bad cold, too--the kind where your whole body aches, your head feels like it's going to explode, and you just want to stay in bed. Luckily, the boys have camp all week, so I should be able to get more rest than I normally might have.

Beyond that, nothing much is going on at the moment.

Last Saturday was the book signing for Beyond the Diaper Bag. I met up with another contributor who lives locally, at Tiny Tots Tea Room, an indoor play place and cafe in the area, and we signed a few books (mostly to people we know and our family members). My in-laws drove up from Syracuse, and my sister-in-law came as well, along with Tom and the boys. We sold two books to moms we didn't know that were at the Tea Room with their kids, so that felt good. It was cool to have so much support. But it was wierd, too, the way I felt about the whole thing. On the one hand, I was very happy and grateful to have been given the opportunity to have a book signing in the first place. But I also felt a bit like a poseur, and had the sense that it might never feel "exciting" until I made the NY Times Bestsellers list and had a line out the door. Wendi (the other author) and I actually talked about what that would be like.While a book signing made up predominantly of family members doesn't feel exactly legitimate, neither one of us likes the idea of being the next Stephen King either.

For the last few weeks, they've been filming the movie The Place Beyond the Pines here in tiny Scotia. Ryan Gosling has been filming bank robbery scenes at the bank across from the fire station on Mohawk Ave. (Scotia's Main Street). Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, and Greta Gerwig are in the movie too, and as you can guess, the locals are all in a lather to have movie stars in our midst. Every night, there's a new piece on the news about who saw whom where, what they said, what they got for lunch, how much they tipped. Wendi and I agreed that we never want that kind of fame. I don't carry a cell phone (except when we're traveling) because I like the feeling of being inaccessible. I certainly don't ever want the kind of fame where I can't buy a chicken wrap in peace without it being broadcast on the local news.

But then again, if the news is interested in what you ordered for lunch, it's a pretty safe bet to say you've made it.
I'm not sure at what point the writing I do will start to feel like more of an accomplishment and less hobby, but I hope I'll recognize it before the world gets wind of the fact that lunch for me is usually a handful of Cheerios and the crusts cut off a grilled cheese sandwich.

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  1. i hope you feel better soon. it's good you have the boys camp time to rest. if you write, too, great.

    i reached a point around the boston poetry scene, where i had the occasional run-in on the subway or sidewalk, "I love your work! I saw you at read at TT the Bear's" or somesuch. i was grateful, if a little freaked out. i had thought of myself as remaining relatively invisible while my poetry would go out into the world.

    now, when i submit this children's novel shortly, i really wouldn't mind if i had a little bit of that again. but like you said, not too much.

    yay signing! and yes, even if it's mostly people you know and family, it counts. :)


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