Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I'm Doing On My Summer Vacation

This is the third time I've attempted a blog this week. Hopefully it will amount to something. I wish I could tell you all about my exciting misadventures of late, but mostly my life can be broken into two parts: 1) listening to the boys ask for food/getting the boys food/refusing to get the boys more food/listening to them whine about the lack of food and 2) standing outside, in blazing sun, rain, and storms repeating, "Go potty....go potty...go potty...go potty until it starts sounding like a meditative chant.

Put the two together and my summer sounds something like this:

"Mom, I want cheese...go potty...cheese...go potty... cheese...okay... Mom, I want yogurt. You just ate...go potty... yogurt...go just ate...go potty...fine. Mom, I'm thirsty....where's your sippy...get your's my sippy...for crying out loud, go potty. Mom, I'm still can't be hungry...I'm still hungry...wait for dinner...How about an apple? I'm still hungry...go potty. Mom! I NEED FOOD. No! I need food! No! No Ruby NO! Not in the house! MOM I'M STARVING. I'M THIRSTY! I'M HUNGRY AND THIRSTY! Go potty! No! Go potty! No! Go potty!"

Someone needs to put the whining to autotune. It would rock the charts.

I signed the boys up for day camp this week, thinking that it would give me some time to do some writing, but it's just not happening. I haven't got much of anything done this week, outside of running errands, and doing load after load of laundry.

I'm looking forward to the fall when the boys are in school every day and my life falls into a predictable pattern again. For now I'm content to do novel-writing prepwork/research and soak in as much vitamin D as I can before winter comes.

Not very exciting, I know.

The big excitement around here is Ruby. She's fitting in around here beautifully and is such a funny, spunky girl. I love just hanging out with her in the backyard, watching her play with Tuendi, and waging war against the prickly green chesnut burrs that have started falling out of our tree. She has just started barking, and really let that wierd-looking intruder have it yesterday (between jabs to her nose). It was totally hilarious to watch. I felt sorry for her though, because being a terrier, she just didn't have the capacity to stop attacking it, no matter how many times it pricked her.

She's still little, but I predict she's going to be formidable when we take her to the Earth Dog trials. She's a digger, and seeks out tunnels to race through. And judging from her battle with the chesnut burr, she's tenacious and doesn't back away from a fight. I can't wait to see her in action.

Instead of writing, I've been researching Cairn terriers, since it's a new breed for me. Lately I've been fascinated by the way a Cairn's coat changes color throughout their life, and how there's no way to predict what the coat is going to do. Since we got her, Ruby's coat has started lightening considerably--the black and red of her puppy coat are falling out, leaving her a pretty mix of wheaten and silver in places where her new coat is coming in. Regardless, she's a pretty girl.

It's time for another chorus of "Mom, I'm hungry" to start up, seeing as how Tom's due home any minute. I guess I should start thinking about dinner...

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  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I often feel like a waitress with the needs. I have considered a self serve station of sorts but I imagine that would be a mess pretty soon after I set it up. I have been trying to get outside too and leaving other things to do later. We get such few summer days that it's good to soak up the sun while we can!


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