Monday, July 25, 2011

A Good Summer Weekend

Tom had Friday off, and it's his last scheduled Friday off ever, since he's returning to GE next Monday, so we decided to make a full day of it. We took the boys to camp in the morning, and then went out to breakfast. From there we got haircuts, and then got my van inspected. We picked the boys up from camp and drove up to Great Escape (and its waterpark) for the afternoon. Temperatures were right around 100 degrees, and it was fairly miserable until we actually got in the water. Despite the heat, we had a lot of fun. The boys are real daredevils and wanted to test the bounds of their swimming lessons of late--going down waterslides, walking up to their chin in the lazy river, swimming underwater in the wave pool. It was a little bit panic inducing at times to see them fearlessly diving in, but I'm also glad they aren't afraid. We came home, let Ruby out, and then it was on to Jumpin' Jacks for dinner, ice cream, and a US show ski team practice on the banks of the Mohawk. By the end of the day, I was too tired to move.

Saturday, the boys had a birthday party to go to. And after the birthday party, and after naps, we loaded the dogs into the van and went to Petsmart. Poor not-fully-vaccinated Ruby can't go around other dogs yet for fear of catching parvo, so she had to ride in the cart with Sam and socialize with other dogs from afar. I can't wait until she's fully vaccinated and the weather cools off just a little more so we can take her and Tuendi to the park for walks. They both love meetings other people and dogs, and will be in their glory. 

Yesterday was another jam packed day. After doing some chores around the house, we managed to get out to the Schenectady Green Market for the first time. It's a Sunday morning tradition in the area, and it's fabulous. We went a bit nuts surrounded by so much good food--buying fresh bread, local goat cheese, fresh tomatoes and corn, cookies, and maple iced tea (oh my God! heavenly!). The boys were extremely enthusiastic about looking (and touching! ugh...) everything, and got to sample all kinds of new foods. It's definetely going to become our new Sunday morning ritual. After the Green Market, we came home, and ate lunch, took naps,and then we took the boat out for a quick ride. We came home, had dinner, then it was back out to Freedom Park to watch the annual puppet show in the park. It's always a big hit with the boys.

By the time today rolled around, we were all ready for a lazy day with nothing planned.

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