Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

Our meteorologist is on my poo poo list at the moment. Seven straight days of rain when there is a brand new swing set in the backyard = Geneva Convention violation.

If you're stuck inside like I am, you might be going batshit crazy want a fun activity to entertain your kids. So as a public service, I will pass on a cool little edible craft that I found recently.

It's called Animal in a Pen--which is fitting, since that's what it feels like to be cooped inside with small children for a solid week.

I actually took these to the preschool last Friday for the kids' snack. (It was raining then, too.) They're easy and fun to assemble, and I think the kids probably enjoyed making them more than they did eating them.


1) Take one full size graham cracker.
2) Spread it with one of the following: icing, cream cheese, or peanut butter (I used green-food-coloring-tinted cream cheese, because, let's face it, who wants to give indoor-bound toddlers more sugar?)
3) Break up another graham cracker into quarters.
4) Arrange them into a pen shape. The icing/cream cheese/peanut butter will hold them up.
5) Arrange animal crackers in the pen. Or get wildly creative--have one knocking the pen down and escaping, standing on top of each other climbing out, re-create a scene from Animal Farm. The possibilities are truly endless.
6) Add green sprinkles for a grass effect. (Or, if you share my sick sense of humor, chocolate sprinkles... or raisins...)
7) Enjoy! (Or, pace around the house watching the Weather Channel, mumbling obscenities under your breath. Your choice...)

Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. that is adorable. and i love how you are keeping your sense of humor through seven straight days of rain. can't complain down here. had a bad storm come through Saturday but since then, it's been amazingly beautiful. but....july, august, and september stiffling heat will be here soon.


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