Monday, May 30, 2011

Making Dough Boys

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at my brother-in-law's at a cookout. The highlight of the day was, as always, making dough boys.

Some people have never had the glorious campfire delicacy called a dough boy. I hadn't until we moved up to New York and Dan, my brother-in-law, taught us how to make them.

Step One: Open a can of refrigerated biscuits. Take one of the biscuits and starting at the end of a thick stick (think broom handle-size), place it on the end and shape it into a long tube shape.

Step Two: Roast dough-covered stick over an open fire. The dough will cook and puff up, making a perfect little pouch when you remove the dough boy from the stick.

Step Three: Fill the opening in the dough boy with chocolate chips, which will promptly melt. The end result is divine.

For the purists out there, this is the one and only way to make a dough boy. For the experimental among us, the possibilities are endless. Fill the pouch with a mozzarella cheese stick and dip in marinara sauce, roll in butter and then coat with cinnamon and sugar, stuff with fruit and whipped cream, etc.


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  1. i may have to make these at the cookout i have planned in a couple of weeks, instead of s'mores. or maybe just alongside....


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