Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow - 2011 Version

Today, I spent the afternoon cleaning out the poor, neglected raspberry bed that I talked about here.  When we moved to our house, there were two bedraggled canes growing in the weed-choked bed beside the house. I liked the idea of having my own berry plants (but didn't have a clue what to do with them). Once we discovered the joys of raspberry picking last summer, I decided to do some research, learn what I could about growing raspberries, and see if we couldn't get a whole  patch going.

Once I got the bed cleared out, I went to the local plant store and got two new raspberry plants. They are called Caroline raspberries--a heavy producer that holds its flavor well when preserved--that sounded like exactly what I needed. This is what the bed looks like now:

My raised beds we started on Mother's Day are doing well, too. Here are my beans and peas:

And here are my squash, tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce (squint and you can see the grean shoots popping up):

I had a small crisis with my big tomato plant. After getting so much rain this past week, it's leaves developed fungus on the leaves. I had to go out and buy an antifungal to save the plant, but it doesn't seem to have spread anymore.

My strawberry plants are also doing well. I can't wait until berries start to form. My boys can eat a pound container of strawberries in a couple of minutes, so having some on hand will make us all happy.

We have some new friends in the garden, too. My grandmother-in-law sent each of the boys a solar frog light (which is a very strange, but oddly appropriate gift for small boys). Here they sit:

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