Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What's Next

Today I spent the afternoon perusing various job search engines in anticipation of the looming federal government shut down. Not that I want to get a job (assuming there were jobs out there that fit my unusual work history), but because, depending on how long a government shut down lasts, Tom might end up furloughed and at home. Although he isn't a government employee in the strictest sense, his job is funded by the Department of Energy. No funding = no job. I'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about it.

Which is sad, because an alternative topic for the day could very well have been the absolutely gorgeous spring day we're having, the fact that the snow piles have been reduced to (very small) snow puddles, flowers are blooming, and I almost didn't need a coat today.

 Hopefully our worst case scenario (me getting a job, going into hunker-down mode) won't end up playing out, but Tom and I share the philosophy that it's better to prepare for the apocalypse. Then any other outcome is always a pleasant surprise.

Regardless of what happens, Tom and I will be going on our (early 10th anniversary) cruise to Bermuda on the 21st. I'm beside myself at the prospect of 7 whole days without the boys. Thrilled that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, for as long as I want. But at the same time, wracked with guilt that we're not bringing them along. But Tom and I need this. The last few years have been really stressful and it'll be fun to reconnect with the people we were before we became Mommy and Daddy.

I *think* we'll be leaving them at a good time. Sam is in a groove at school. His Kindergarten orientation and assessment will be over. John is making very good progress potty training. he had four accidents Monday, three yesterday, and two (so far) today. He's stayed dry both times he was at childcare in the gym (even though he was in a pull-up), so we won't be leaving during a time of great upheaval in anyone's life.

You can tell I've made a lifestyle change when one of the things I'm most looking forward to is the onboard gym, and getting to run on the treadmill at will. I'm hoping that by the time I get off the cruise ship, I can run two miles. I'm also looking forward to getting to kayak the island with Tom. I've never kayaked before, and by all accounts, kayaking in Bermuda is really cool. Even though I recently discovered that my indoor fitness is far superior to my outdoor fitness (4 miles on the wii=1 mile in real life), I'm excited to try out something new.


  1. it's good to start planning on an alternate...i'm seeing a lot of that in my neck of the woods where the vast majority of jobs are gov sourced.

    i think you two will have a afantastic trip. a couple of years ago, honey and i went to NOLA for jazzfest for a long weekend, and as much as i felt guilt, it was a welcome reprieve to sleep in if we felt like it, wander the french quarter, eat and drink to our hearts' content and mostly walk all over the city and just be with each other. it was really rejuvenating and we returned to the kids with much less aggravation and frustration in dealing with them. to get away and pay attention to just each other is a really necessary thing, esp when your kids are about the age s yours are now.

  2. My partner is a park ranger in a National Park, so we are RIGHT THERE with you worrying about the government shut down. Fingers crossed for everyone involved.


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