Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Ok guys, I'm sick of writing daily menus and posting little blurbs about every nuance of my workouts. Therefore, I assume you are too. (If you're not, please let me know.) I will continue to post updates and pictures of my progress every 17 days, but I really think it's time to refocus my energies on something more exciting (ie. my writing), which is the point of this blog, after all.

This past weekend, Tom took the boys to his parents' house, which gave me two days to write in peace. It was the best gift he could've given me because I made substantial progress on some of my thornier writing projects.

1) I finally figured out how to fix How Home Improvement Saved My Marriage. It had point-of-view issues, tone issues, and plot issues but I am now on the road to correcting them.  Once this book is finally finished, I'll start work on its sequel, How Book Improvement Saved My Sanity. LOL I fixed issues with the beginning (the first nine chapters look pretty good), made a disasterous mess of the middle, but love my final chapter (and the ephiphany I had about it that made it even better). I also managed to write out an outline, so for the first time, I have a game plan in place. I think a reasonable goal is to say I'll write/rewrite one chaper per weekend. Hopefully, by summer, I can call this novel finished again.

2) I finished reworking (and submitted) two stories for an anthology on parenthood. I'm going to be cautiously optimistic and will let you know if either one of the pieces are selected for publication.

3) I am still mulling over Untitled Appalachian Novel. Compared to Home Improvement, which is a light, fluffy read, Appalachian feels like my breakout novel--my magnum opus, if you will. I have the bare bones down, and now I need to go flesh things out, add subplots, more description, etc. Part of that is going to require research, the other part is going to require stamina. I'll be working on this novel pretty irregularly for a while--at least until the fall when both boys will (finally!) be in school. Although, to my everlasting joy, I found our that our YMCA has a summer day camp for 3 and 4 year olds all summer long (both boys would be together, so no tears!). I plan to sign them up for three weeks--one in June, one in July, and one in August--so that I'll have some time to work on my book(s).

Just like the whole exercising/dieting thing, it's time to quit making excuses for why no writing is getting done around here and get busy.

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