Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 17 Day Diet--Days 51-53


Today we went to Long Island (4 loooooong hours away) to visit my Aunt Rose (my grandmother's sister-in-law). I hadn't seen her since January of 2000 and she turned 100 this year, so time was a'wastin'. This was a nightmarish day from the boys' perspective, as well as from the perspective of my diet. I didn't exercise, I didn't drink much water, and I ate out every meal. You can see from what I ate that I tried really hard to make good choices, knowing that the fat content of the foods I was getting, as well as the portion sizes, were pretty much out of my control. I only gained a few ounces when I got on the wii this morning, so all things considered, the sticking-to-the-diet portion of the program went pretty well. It's nice to know that I have a feel now for what is good to eat versus what is not.

fruit and yogurt parfait
1/2 portion fugi apple chicken salad at Panera
1/2 smokehouse turkey sandwich at Panera
1 small cookie @ aunt's house
chicken wrap w/ lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo (about 320 calories)


There was still half a ruben waiting for me in the fridge from our trip to Saratoga (Circus Cafe was AWESOME, by the way) so I had it and my mom's leftover sweet potato fries for breakfast. I figured the liklihood of burning it all off by the end of the day would be better if I got an early start. LOL I wanted to do a wii run, but that never happened. I feel sort of stupid running in front of the tv while everyone is sitting around the living room staring at me.

1/2 ruben
sweet potato fries
caprese salad w/ balsamic vinegrette
pureed fruit in a tube (50 cal)
diet cocoa
coffee w/ creamer and Truvia
chicken tagine (with dried apricots, agave nector, and almond slivers)


By the end of the day, I was totally exhausted. I left the house at quarter to 9, went to Lowes and bought 100 lbs of ice melt and an ice scraper, went by H&R Block to pick up our taxes, then to the chiropractor's. When I got home, I put ice melt on the sidewalks, and then drove everybody to Ballston Spa (where we ate lunch at McDonalds), then on to Saratoga (again) to go to the Children's Museum. After a couple of hours there, I drove all the way to Clifton Park so mom could take the boys to a toy store, then drove us all the way back to Scotia. After we got home, mom decided to make Toll House chocolate chip cookies, and I wanted one desperately, so I did a 30 minute wii run and broke my best record for distance (whoohoo!). Then my stepdad and I went outside and chipped ice off the sidewalk, and then I shoveled piles of broken ice off the sidewalk (ouch!). I'm pretty sure I burned off those 2 cookies I ate and then some... I ate a lot of extra carbs today, but I did major manual labor. We'll see what the scale says about that in a couple of days.

english muffin w/ 1 t peanut butter and 1t cherry preserves
chipotle bbq grilled chicken snack wrap
fruit and yogurt parfait (no granola)
2 chocolate chip cookies
Greek chicken, lemon, and rice soup
two small pieces baguette

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