Monday, February 21, 2011

The 17 Day Diet -- Days 48-50


Haven't had a very eventful day. Went to the airport to pick up my mom and stepdad, and since then we've just been hanging around the house playing with Kira's wii. Now my mom wants one, too. :-) I did a 30 minute wii run and have a roast cooking in the crockpot, but beyond that, the key word for the day is *lazy*.

english muffin w/ peanut butter
spaghetti with sauce (no meat)
light yogurt
one square of chocolate
small square of mozzarella cheese
1 slice thin crust white pizza (my roast in the crockpot didn't cook enough by dinnertime and I had to improvise)
 sliced apple


I gained about half a pound today, but considering that I had three starches yesterday, I'm not that surprised. The roast from yesterday is cooked now and ready to be microwaved, so I'll redeem myself today.

english muffin w/ cherry preserves
coffee w/creamer and Truvia
chicken gyro with pita, tomato, onion, and tziki sauce
salad with oil and vinegar
couple bites of coleslaw
beef roast w/ carrots and broccoli
sugar free jello pudding


Today is Scotia's Winterfest in Collins Park and we were planning to go. Unfortunately, the winds are really high today, so we went to Saratoga instead. I like Saratoga because it's a gorgeous little city with great architecture. Since I knew I'd be eating up there, I saved my starches for lunch. I like the ability to eat like a normal person (with a little planning) on this diet. My weight isn't doing anything at the moment. I'm up .2 from where I was on Wednesday. Spinning this morning will whip me into shape.

2 hard boiled eggs
light yogurt
half a rueben sandwich
tossed salad w/ balsamic vinegrette
corned beef, cabbage, carrots, small serving of mashed potatoes

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