Monday, February 21, 2011

The 17 Day Diet --The 51st Day--A Progress Report

This is what I looked like after cycle 2 ended 17 days ago on 2/4/11 with a weight of 169.1 and a BMI of 29.96 ( overweight).

And this is what I look like today (2/21/11) at the end of cycle 3 with a weight of 165.6 (-3.5 lbs and 17.4 lbs total since 1/1/11)

My measurements on 2/21/11:
Shoulders 18 in (-0 in / total of 1 in lost)
R bicep 13 in (-0.5 in / total of 1 in lost)
Chest 37 in (-1 in / total of 5 in lost)
Waist (at belly button) 36.5 in (-.5 in / total of 4.5 in lost )
Abdomen 34.5 in (-0.5 in / total of 3.5 in lost)
Hips 41.5 in (- 0.5 in / total of 1.5 in lost)
Right thigh 22..5 in(- 0.5 in / total of .51 in lost)
Right calf 15.5 in (- 0.5 in / total of 1 in lost)

I'm really pleased with my progress, but also a little frustrated because I know I could have lost even more weight if life hadn't intervened. With my mom and stepdad visiting, we've eaten out with them, and Tom and I have had the opportunity to get out of the house by ourselves (more eating out). Yesterday we took a day trip to Long Island to visit a 100 year old great aunt (craziness--8 hours round trip just getting there and back), so we ate out every meal, and since there are only so many rest areas on I-87, I wasn't exactly chugging the water. And the scale reflects this fact...

The good news is that I'm no longer stumbling blindly along, eating and drinking mindlessly and not understanding why I'm not getting the results I want. In the last two months (Really? It's only been two months?) I've figured out the mystery to losing weight: 1) exercise often, 2) drink water often, 3)
stick to appropriate portion sizes, and 4) limit carbs to two a day if you want to lose weight. When I do that, the results are good. When I don't, my weight loss stalls. It's my choice which result I get. Sometimes it's easier to do these things than others, but as long as I make the best choices I can, as often as I can, the end result goes my way in the long run.

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  1. I saw this TV show of this woman who sells flavored water called Hint for $2. She adds fruit (pineapple, oranges, mangos, apples etc, one or more) to plain water and no sugar to try and jazz up drinking a lot of water. I took 1/2 orange to a pitcher and just kept refilling it and it is so easy to drink 64+ ounces a day. Try and see if it helps with the water.


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