Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Working (It) Out

It must be a testament to my single-minded focus that I have to nudge myself to write blogs now. When I set out to do this, I didn't want my writing to interfere with my goals, because it has in the past. Writing is such a slow, and sedentary, activity. It was always so easy to put doing anything else off because I was "waiting for the words," if you will.

I'm still waiting for inspiration, but now I'm wondering how to focus and achieve my goals, rather than sitting on my butt and hoping they come to me. Lately, my every waking thought has been consumed with planning for, and implementing, all my new goals (and imagining myself ripped and in a bikini come April). And all of my free time is devoted to doing some kind of workout, or trying a new heathy food.

I'm sure there's a fine line between enthusiasm and going way-overboard, but I haven't found it yet. Yesterday my body sculpting instructor said I was probably doing too much running too early, and need to start slower and steadier. I'm not sure I completely agree, since I do have an elliptical, and routenely get on it for thirty minutes at a time. I think as far as running is concerned, I do need to push myself a little and see what I'm capable of. For example, I had no idea that I had a half-mile in me (after a Zumba workout) and that has proved mighty motivating. But the Y has a Couch to 5K program starting up next month and she suggested I sign up for that, so I can approach my first race like a sane woman. It's not a bad idea. There's a women's only 5K race here in June and I definetely want to do that one.

If 2011 has a theme for me, it's going to be "Out of Character". I'm stuck in a mom rut, and haven't had any adventures (unless you count the ones involving noxious bodily fluids) in many years. My willingness to sally forth and try something new was always part and parcel with my personality--but motherhood has clipped my wings significantly, and put a stop to any and all notions of spontenaity. So pushing against the borders of what I think defines me is the best I can do right now. And there has (up til now) been a pretty sophisticated defense system barring me from any major physical activity. Now I'm breaking down those barriers and reclaiming the part outside-me  for myself.

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