Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Good Shopping Day

Last week I had a pretty decent shopping trip. I spent $163 and saved $100 (between store savings and coupons). But spending $163 on a week's worth of groceries isn't exactly something I want to brag about. This week, however, was much better.

Here's my shopping list [retail price] (what I actually paid after coupon):

bottled water [$3]
chicken [$12.83]
10 Price Chopper light yogurts [$4.50] ($0)
milk [$2.23]
2 bags frozen strawberries [$5.38]
preserves [$2.99]
2 lbs lunch meat [$10.28] ($8.28)
cheese [$5.69]
truvia [$4.59] ($3.59)
Price Chopper olive oil [$5.49] ($1.99)
apples [$5.90]
4 boxes Cheerios [$12] ($6)
2 Newman's Own pasta sauce [$3.98] ($2.98)
3 Valley Fresh Steamers [$4.50] ($3.50)
1 box Uncle Ben's boil in the bag rice [$2.29] ($1.29)
2 Ken's dressings [$3.48] ($2.48)
ketchup [$2.79]
2 juice [$5]
cheese ravioli [$1.49]
2 bags cinnamon hearts--for canning apples-- [$3]
brussels sprouts [$4.75]
organic, cafe-free eggs [$3.99]
Plus I had a catalina for $2 off my next purchase and another catalina for $10 off my next $100 purchase.

My original total, without store card discounts and coupons, was: $130.38
I saved $51.73 for a total of $78.65

My best deals this week ended up being Price Chopper internet-only coupons. The first was for $5 off any 10 store brand items (found on Facebook). So long as I bought 10 store items under .50/ea, I'd get all 10 items free. I bought .45 store brand yogurt, all for free.

On Thursdays, Price Chopper also publishes special internet-only coupons on their webpage. Sometimes they're awesome, and sometimes they're only ho-hum. You've got to check every week. This week they had a coupon for a 17oz Price Chopper olive oil for $1.99--and it's regularly $5.49. You know I snapped that deal up!

The Cheerios were also a great deal. Reguarly $3/box, there was a coupon in the Sunday sale flyer to get 4 boxes for $8 (or $2/box), but I also had 2 coupons for $1 off 2 boxes, making each box $1.50 or 50% off.

These are the days that make shopping fun!

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