Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Magical Christmas

This is shaping up to be a really magical Christmas for the boys.

Last night Sam's preschool had an evening of milk and cookies with Santa. Such a great idea! One classroom was the milk and cookie room, another classroom was the Christmas craft area, and then in the third room, the kids could sit privately with Santa and have their pictures taken with him. Sam and John were so excited! I've become pretty much anti-mall during the holidays, so this was the first time either of the boys had done the whole sitting-on-Santa's-lap-tell-him-what-they-want thing. We weren't such how they'd react, but they were really animated and told Santa all their Christmas wishes. Sam wanted trains and an airplane and John wanted trains that crashed (which he demonstrated--repeatedly) :-P.

This Saturday, the YMCA is having a pancake breakfast with Santa, which we're going to.

The boys are loving Patrick, their elf on the shelf, who frequently oversleeps and forgets to go to the North Pole overnight--but changes locations during breakfast when they aren't looking.

Today we're going to make gingerbread men and sugar cookies to have on hand next week. My aunt, uncle, and grandmother are coming up here next Tuesday, but I haven't told the boys. I think it will be much more fun for them to be surprised when they show up.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying curling up beside the wood stove, writing blogs, and working on my novel.  I wouldn't say I'm making enormous progress, or have anything profound to write about at the moment, but it feels good to have life on an even keel for once, and not feel pressured to do anything in particular.


  1. Wow, it sounds like you really found your Christmas spirit! Could you please send some my way, because after this week from you-know-where, I am feeling seriously Grinchy. Your preschool party with Santa sounded like such fun!

  2. sounds great, brittany.


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