Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Piggie Pound-Off

Kira has decided to do the 17 Day Diet with me. (Is she a masochist, or what?) So in honor of our new diet, tonight, on New-Diet Eve, we had what might be the world's first ever Piggie Pound-Off.

What is a Piggie Pound-Off you ask? So glad you asked...

Here we are with our two little piggies. They represent our New-Diet Eve bodies--the bodies we don't like and intend to change in 2011. You will notice my cutthroat gesture in this photo. Piggie is history!

Then we took a hammer and smashed the piggies into oblivion.

Skinny Post-Pound-Off Piggie

This little piggie went on a "crash" diet. LOL

Kira's nose job :-)

 Here's to pounding off the pounds in 2011!

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