Monday, November 15, 2010

My Christmas List

Today Kira caught me off guard and asked me if I'd given any thought to a Christmas list.

Our conversation went someting like this:

Kira: Have you written your Christmas list yet?
Me: No. I think I want a lot of stuff, but when I start thinking about it, the stuff I want starts seeming stupid. I want some high ticket items (a steam cleaner, another duvet for the bed, a Wii), and of course, an all-expenses-paid-month-long spa vacation, but nothing I actually need.
Kira: What do yo need then?
Me: I don't need more. I need less. Less of everything.

And as Kira and I continued talking on this theme, I realized that I had stumbled across my blog topic for the day.

Which leads me to my Christmas list for 2010 and all the things I'd like less of:

Dirty Diapers
Sticky Hands
Train Horn Noises
Noise (in general)
Scratching to go outside
Squirrels In The Front Yard (hence the barking)
Body Fat
Clothing (I'd like mine to shrink)

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