Friday, October 22, 2010

With A Little Help From My Friends-Part 2

Cue the dark, important-sounding music. Yesterday was a pivotal day in Baby John's life.

After scouring the internet/ebay/craigslist and spending countless hours debating the merits of the Little Tykes blue toddler race car bed versus the Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed complete wth attached toybox and bookshelf, followed by several long conversaions with Tom about the merits of just getting John a bed--in the spirit of preserving brotherly harmony, I finally found the perfect toddler bed on ebay.

It was a sleigh bed in design, with built-in side rails, matched his dresser adequately well, and wasn't likely to inspire any sibling jealousy. With shipping it was about $85 (which didn't seem totally out of line), but I held off buying it because 1) this week we had to repace our water heater, and 2) mommy wasn't ready for her baby to be in a big boy bed I thought, really, what was the rush.

But then the very same bed I was about to buy showed up on craigslist, was located the next town over, for just $50-- and I knew that  it was time to bite the bullet.

So I went and fetched it while Kira watched the boys, and when I got home, we set it up, made the bed, and let John take it for a test drive.

Kira's littlest (who sleeps in a blue race car bed and is John's BFF) climbed into the bed, too (presumably to show John how fun sleeping in a big boy bed can be). John appreciated the moral support as he made this new transition. He had a good nap in his new bed and slept big boyfully there through the night. :-)

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