Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Winter: Things You Don't Have To Worry About In South Carolina

Today's project was a total reorganization of our sun porch/mud room. My system worked well enough during the summer, but I was starting to have nightmares about where I was going to store all our boots, hats, gloves, etc. This is the time for winterizing and perparing to hunker down for the winter in New York, so today I winterized the space.

Dog coats: check
Boot rack for everyday boots, rain boots, snow boots: check
Hat/glove organization: check

I got these stackable shoe racks at Sam's Club this summer, and LOVE them. For the summer (when we hardly wore shoes at all), I kept one rack in the mud room and one in our bedroom to store my winter shoes. Today I put them together for the first time, and it was easy breezy. The shelves are adjustable, too, so I was able to customize them to fit our boots.

There was already a row of hooks on this wall (for raincoats and bags in the summer), but I divided the boys' hats and gloves into their labeled backpacks and put mine and Tom's in another backpack I found lying around. I hung the dogs' coats and their leash on the last hook. Everything's easy and accessible now.

Bench for sitting on and prying off snowy boots: check
Shoe tray for drying wet, snowy boots: check
Emergency kit for car (extra hats, gloves, scarves, emergency thermal blankets): check
*Dog toy optional

Water hog mat for the doorway: check

The chaise lounge is looking sadly out of place, isn't it?


  1. good system! i think the chaise will be a nice reminder come february to march that spring will come again, followed by summer...

  2. This system looks great. I didn't realise how complicated it can be with the winter weather, but looks like you have a great plan.


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