Tuesday, October 05, 2010

An Update

The vet called today. Sammy's geriatric blood screen came back fine, but apparently Harley, our twelve year old cat, is hyperthyroid. This explains why he's been such a pain in the butt lately, with the constant meowing, ravenous appetite, pooping outside the litter box, etc. I know this means we're going to have yet another pet on lifetime meds (Sammy is on digestive enzymes and steroids), but if Harley starts acting sane again, that is going to make life around here so much more tolerable.

This week I didn't post about ths week's grocery trip because it wasn't as much a success as previous weeks. I saved somewhere in the neighborhood of 40%, but I had Tom in tow, and consequently we bought more stuff than I do on my own. However, I'm at that point in the stockpile where I'm reaching the limits of what I can store in my extra refrigerator/freezer. So it's time to live on what we've got for a while.

I'm having problems with the keyboard on my laptop where the keys aren't as responsive as they used to be. If I don't pound the keyboard and press the keys twice yypn ends up loking like this. (my typing ends up looking like this) ad this. It's eally frustrating and making me not wantto o much witng becuse Iav to o everything twice. So if any of my technologically savvy buddies know how to fix this, please do because it's putting a real damper on my writing.


  1. What about YOUR test results?!

  2. honey has replaced several keyboards around here that have gone wonky, yes even in laptops....my considerable typos are purely due to my fingers do not go where i tell them to go. lol


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