Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Quick Update And A Money Saving Tip

I talked to my doctor's secretary today when she called to schedule my CT scan. My bloodwork is in, and a letter has been sent to me (I think I can safely assume everything came back normal if the doctor didn't feel the need to call me) and my ultrasound results aren't back yet. It's a sad state of affairs when your pets get their test results back faster than you do (we got our cat's bloodwork back yesterday and he's hyperthyroid). But at least I can cross a few worries off the list.

Last night Sam pulled his steri strip off his chin, and wow! is he going to have a scar (not from pulling off the steri strip though--it was just the first time we'd seen the cut; it had been covered up til now). I put a double layer of bandaids on him, and hopefully he won't be able to pick both layers off. He's a horrible scab picker, with the scars to prove it, so he'll be wearing bandaids on his chin for a while now. Isn't it my luck that next Friday is picture day at the preschool? Thank god for PhotoShop.

So there's my truly boring update for you. I'm sure you're as sick of reading these as I am of writing them, so I'm going to make it up to you by telling you one of my favorite money saving tips.

The holidays are coming up, and it's pretty much tradition for a lot of people to stock up on Christmas wrapping paper during the after-Christmas sales. I do this too. But it's also an excellent time to stock up on birthday wrapping paper if you can see past the Christmasiness of everything. For the past couple of years, I have gotten striped Christmas paper (usually it's some combination of red and green and yellow, etc) that can work as unisex birthday wrapping paper throughout the year. I save a ton of money and time never having to go find some birthday wrapping paper on short notice, and if I run out of my regular Christmas paper, I always have some extra on hand.

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  1. ouch! for sam.

    i have a scar under my chin from when i was about 4. it looked big then, but it's tiny now. something to do with a slippery linoleum floor and a ping pong table. come to think of it, that combo is partially responsible for many of my early childhood injuries.

    and mr.cunic still has a hole in one eyebrow from where he launched himself from a sofa into a doorframe at the same age...just adds character. ;)


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