Sunday, September 19, 2010

Whose Social Life Is This Again?

If I were an animal, I'd be a hermit crab. With an emphasis on hermit. I'm an only child, an introvert, a writer, a bookworm. I've spent enough of my life engaged in solitary pursuits that it's what normal feels like.

But don't get me wrong, I like to socialize as much as anyone, and I get in nasty black funks if I don't (where I'll start sulking Eeyore-style about how pathetic and unpopular I am). It just doesn't occur to me to seek people out for companionship. If someone calls me and wants to do anything, I'm usually game, but if I'm home by myself, I find ways to get busy (as I've done my entire life) and rarely if ever think to myself, "I should call (insert friend's name here) and see if she wants to do (fill in the blank)."

I'm the same as a mom.  I'm definetely not the sort of person who feels like my children need to be on the go constantly. Sam has never done well handling a lot of excitement, and seems much happier when he's able to play with his toys at home. John handles play dates somewhat better, but like the rest of us here at Chez Vandeputte, he doesn't need an exciting social life to be happy.

I don't know what changed since we moved to New York, but suddenly my social calendar is jam packed.

Take yesterday for instance.

It started out pretty normal. It was a quiet morning spent puttering around the house. I read a book. The boys and Tom played trains. Then at noon, Tom's brother Dan, and his wife Kelly, came over and we walked around the block to a Dutch Fair at a local church. None of knew what a Dutch Fair was (basically a large rummage sale/craft show) so we'd decided earlier in the week to check it out. When we got home and Dan and Kelly left, our neighbor Joe was on the porch of his house across the street and Sam said he wanted to play with Ian, so we all went over there for an hour or so, so the boys could play. We got home from their house and then Kira called. We'd talked about having a movie night (boys)/ game night (adults) and she wanted to know if that was still on. We said, "Sure, come on over!" So they came over after dinner and we played Apples to Apples for a couple of hours.

Happily, this is what most weekends are like these days.

But sometimes I still have to stop and ask myself, "Whose social life is this again?"

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  1. that's great, though, that it happens so naturally.

    i go both ways. i used to be the one who always called in friendship, just to talk or to say, hey let's do something. but i am also generally content to be home doing my solitary puttering until the 'get me out of this freaking house and some adult conversation now!' feeling hits. and if i don't get out then, i am a massive crankpuss until my need is met. then i am good for a couple of weeks again.


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