Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello Out There

Okay, I have a confession to make. Lately, I have become completely addicted to the little Stats button on my blog. It's a fascinating look at who is reading my blog, where they're reading it from, how they're reading it, how they find me, etc. I can even see what they've typed into a search engine that allowed them to access my page in the first place. Fascinating stuff there.

And I had no idea people were reading my blog as far away as Russia and Korea. But apparently they are. And my most popular blogs ever? The ones about Embroidering Daffodils and Polyhydramnios. I had no idea.

Which has gotten me thinking about the whole act of blogging itself and how the little snippets you put out there come together to form a mental picture of you for your readers. Is it accurate? I don't know. This is supposed to be a blog about writing and motherhood, and while I make a concerted effort to relate my blog topics to those two general themes, they don't always align. As my most popular blogs attest, sometimes they have very little to do with either.

But then again, motherhood serves as the backdrop for everything else in my life. I was watching a short film on YouTube the other day, where a boy with Asperger's interviewed his mother and the part I found most interesting was the following exchange where the boy asked his mother if he met her expectations. They were discussing this, when the mother said:

Mother: "You have made me grow so much as a parent..."

Son: "Well, I was the one who made you a parent."

It was really a startling bit of awareness to come out of a child's mouth, but it is true. I was not a parent on August 12th at 5:40pm, but at 5:41pm I was. After that, every decision I made, every thought in my head was eternally altered.

I wish fervently that my boys might've known who I was before they were born, because I am a totally different person after this four (and five if you count gestation)-years-long journey with them. --Not that I think they would like me better, or see me in my natural non-hysterical-over-spilled-Cheerios state. But I think it would serve as a good reference point for them, to understand that this is a trip we're all taking together, and that they are molding me as much as I am molding them.

When I started this blog, in January of 2007, Sam was only four months old. I never meant for anyone outside of my close friends and family to ever read this blog. It was just an online diary--and if someone happened across my to-do lists, family pictures, and amusing stories, so be it. Sometime over the last three years, it (and I) have morphed into something bigger (blame two pregnancies for that) and better than I ever imagined.

For those of you who are reading me, and following me, and interested in my growth as a mom, I want to thank you for coming by and sharing your thoughts, ideas, and lives with me. For those of you who are just stopping by, Hello! I'd love to hear from you, too.


  1. Hehe. If your boys want a picture of 16 year old Brittany, you can send them my way. I am sure Anne would find 16 year old Heather interesting- may they all be blessed with our gifts for sarcasm and wit.

  2. So, um, Heather... Have you ever considered the Witness Protection Program? LOL

    Actually, I'm curious? What *was* I like at 16?

    I remember Junior Achievement in 8th grade, when our diabolical minds devised that genius plan for world domination in the restaurant industry--by sprinkling addictive drugs in the food. (Wasn't that a stupid waste of time?)

    Here we are dealing with poopie diapers and toddler tantrums when there was a future for us at Phillip Morris and McDonalds. LOL

  3. funny comments! guess you can never outrun you're past. ;)

    i love your blog brittany, because i can relate to it so well-from frustrations to triumphs in creativity and mothering. and becxause i almost feel like i ahve really watched your boys grow, and you as well.

    beautiful stuff up there about how it all shifts as we become parents.

    i've had some intersting hits from around the world, too. samoa and gambia? really? how did that happen?

  4. See, I would say that McDonalds beat us to that idea- and probably did it better anyway.

    I would categorize us both at that age as cynical optimists- we thought we were cynical, but not really.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that yours is one of my very favorite blogs. I presented you with a blog award. Please come check it out at:

    Have a great day!


  6. that stats button can be a fascinating little look, can't it!? you seem to be sitting in a much better place than you were last week. hope you are feeling better physically too. it's kinda funny how blogging infiltrates our lives. and good question about whether or not it reflects who we are. i would hope it does. think that goes back to my post on authenticity and my choice not to blog when i'm not in a happy place. guess it's all in the choices we make regarding what to blog about. anywho...i'm probably not make much sense at this point, on pain killers and muscle relaxers for my back! :-)


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