Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day Of School 2010

Today was Sam's first day of school. He's been looking forward to it for months, and was so excited when I told him it was finally time. Last night I helped him pick out a first-day-of-school outfit, and we packed up his new Thomas the Tank Engine backpack.

Thumbs up for school!
Ths morning he got up bright and early and couldn't wait to get going. While we were waiting to leave, he pulled out John's new Wags the Dog book our friend Nicole just sent over from Australia (thanks Nicole!) and started "reading" it to him.

They might be big" boys, but they still love to snuggle with their blankets.

We walked to the school ths morning and it really put me in a good mood. It reminds me so much of living in Europe and walking everywhere, plus it's a much nicer transition before school. We saw squirrels and crabapples and a firetruck. We talked about stopping and looking both ways before crossing the street, and both boys got to press a button at the street crossing to make the light change for us.

When we got to school we took a picture in front of the school's sign.

Sam couldn't wait to get inside and get his hands on the classroom diesel engine.

Sam told me this morning that he would share the diesel engine "tomorrow" and we had a long conversation about sharing the classroom train set with all his new friends. I forsee this train causing a lot of problems for Sam, but we'll see... Sometimes he surprises me.

John also loved Sam's classroom and wanted to stay. He cried almost the whole way home (until I reminded him that as long as Sam's in school, he gets to play with all the trains by himself and that cheered him up considerably).


  1. congratulations, sam!

    that walking to school business is great now, but listen to this south to north to south transplant: in a couple of months, be sure you all are wearing long johns, layers, layers, layers and a nice big scarf around your face. and warm the car up first. ;)

  2. Lovely! I wish we lived close enough to our school to walk. Walking with kids is a delight - unless yo have a stroppy toddler alongside! Good luck Sam!

  3. Well Kate, I was forced to lug the huge double stoller because walking anywhere with John is like herdng a cat. And he tantrumed the whole way home (standing up in the stroller facing me) and then whined all te way home because he wasn't allowed to stay and play on the playground (again standing up, and this time he fell backward out of the stroller into some grass) so even though it sounds easy, it isn't. Nothing ever is with kids. LOL

  4. Yay for Sam! How was day 2?

  5. Day 2 went well. I asked his teacher how he was doing and se said he was doing fine. I hope it lasts!


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