Friday, September 24, 2010

Catch All

In case you haven't noticed, I've been trying to write a blog a day lately. Today I don't have a whole lot to write about, so I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for blog topics.

The big excitement of the day is I (finally!) bit the bullet and shelled out some serious cash for Wiggles tickets. The Wiggles came to Greenville last spring, and we should have gone then, but we weren't sure John could sit still through the concert (he was only 18 months old) and since we knew we were moving, we were squirreling away every cent we could spare for a(nother) downpayment on our fourth house in 9 years.

Now we've reached a point where both boys LOVE The Wiggles and would get a lot out of the concert. I wanted to wait until they came to this area (the closest venue is in Boston - 3 hours away) but Sam is at an age where he could lose interest in them at any moment--and the Wiggles aren't getting any younger (I read today that Jeff is almost 60!). I'm afraid they'll decide to retire soon and we'll completely miss our chance to see them live.

So we're going to go to Boston to see them live, and hopefully the boys will get as much out of it as I will--because to be perfectly honest, *I'm* the one who's desperate to see them in concert. *I* want this memory for me. For more than a year, The Wiggles have been a constant presence in our lives. If my life as a mother was a movie, The Wiggles would be its soundtrack.

Another bit of good news--the moving company just came and picked up all our empty moving boxes. We are officially finished with the move now. I had quite the nightmare a few weeks ago, where GE offered Tom a killer job in Wisconsin (of all places) and when he came home to tell me about and see what my thoughts were, I absolutely went on a rampage--and did something completely uncharacteristic for me--I refused to move. This from Adventure Girl who said, "Sure honey! Let's move to Cincinnati! It'll be fun!" and "Sure honey! Let's move back to Greenville! It'll be fun!" and "Sure honey! Let's move to Albany! It'll be fun!" I flat out refused to budge. I started screaming and cussing. I even broke out into an impassioned rendition of "I Shall Not Be Moved". I've spent my whole life it seems traipsing around like a gypsy, and now I've finally found a place I want to stay. Like that's news to any of my regular readers. LOL

I posted a bit about my doctor's appointment on Facebook, but neglected to write a follow up here. I love my new doctor. She's about my age (I'd guess) and has two sons approximately 21 months apart too, and is the sort of doctor that inspires total confidence. I feel like I could tell her anything, which is a great feeling to have regarding your primary care physician. She is in agreement with me that something is out of whack in my body and wants me to have my blood sugar/thyroid/etc. checked in the coming weeks. Even though we don't know what's causing my problems, I feel confident that she's going to figure out how put an end to them.

I'll be taking the weekend off blogging because we're going to Delaware (with a stop in Ocean City, NJ--one of my favorite-ist favorite places) to celebrate Tom's grandmother's 91st birthday. But I'll be back on Monday with tales of our adventures.

In the meantime, happy weekend everyone!

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  1. i would want to go on your boston excursion to see the wiggles - for the boston bit.

    if you are in the theatre district to see them, go to finale's for a chocolate treat before or after the show in park square. delish! and they were kid friendly to us when i was last in boston. we were there with a party of 6 adults and 2 late night bouncing off the walls young girls.


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