Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, only sort of...

We made it to New York in one piece--which was the first miracle. My hatred of driving is legendary. I didn't even get a driver's license until I was 20 (and then only under duress). The thought of driving 14+ hours through rural western Virginia and even more rural Pennsylvania didn't exactly thrill me. Add two cranky toddlers, and four cooped up pets, plus Tom (who's nearly hit his ability-to-cope-with-stress threshold) and I figured at some point I was going to have to resist the urge to bolt from the car in the middle of I-81 somewhere.

But after I informed Tom that I absolutely, categorically WOULD NOT drive alone with both boys in the car (they tend to harrass each other when they get bored), and we agreed to each take one (I got John), and both boys were so blissed out to have just-Mommy/just-Daddy/only-child-in-the-car time, the ride was actually pretty awesome.

The last month has been pure hell. I have to keep a fair number of balls in the air anyway, but add bringing home 3 loads of stuff stored in Asheville, sorting through it all, having a yardsale, supervising the movers, arranging babysitting for the boys, organizing our relocation, coordinating schedules, planning a cross-country drive with 4 pets, planning for temporary living for a week in Asheville, followed by temporary living for 18 days in New York, saying our goodbyes, etc. I haven't had a minute's peace in I-don't-know-how-long. Someone is always calling, or asking me a question, or I'm having to navigate a crisis, or make a decision.

For two days I got to sit in near-silence, listening to a book on tape (with the Wiggles in the background) and for most of the day, the extent of my interaction with humans were the following conversations:

John: "school bus!"
Me: "Did you see a school bus?"
John: "yes"

-an hour passes-

Cell phone rings
Tom: "Sam says he needs to go potty. I'm getting off at the next exit."
Me: "Okay. I'm right behind you."

I could've driven right on to Canada it wa so nice not to have to think for a change.

We're in temporary housing for the moment--until July 1st or thereabouts. Today was Tom's first day of work. Life is going to slowly rev back up and maintain a steady rhythm again. But since there's not much to do here but sit and wait until we can close on our house, I think it's a good time to do some writing again. After dealing with a small crisis this morning (a leak in the apartment above ours sent water cascading from the ceiling of our bathroom all over the floor and tub--but maintence came quickly and got the leak stopped) I wrote a few more pages of my novel, and now I'm working on a blog.

Just making myself at home...


  1. your ride sounds blissful.

    everything leading up to a major move is stressful. enjoy the respite before you get back hustling unpacking the new house!

    glad the leak situation turned out to be minor.

  2. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I am glad you had a good arrangement with traveling. I can't imagine doing that with two of them in the car so sounds like it worked out!



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