Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Vacation

Tomorrow Tom and I are heading to upstate NY for a week, for a well-deserved vacation and some fun visiting-family-playing-in-the-snow time. We're also going to test the boundaries of parental patience driving for 14 hours in one mini-van with two active little boys. Please think happy thoughts for us, because it wasn't too long ago that I had to fight the urge to leave my boys on the side of the road, and that after a 14 minute car ride. We are going through a tantruming-in-tandem phase... And a spitting-in-tandem phase... And a screaming-in-tandem phase... And a mind-numbing-ear-drum-rattling-train-horn-mimicing-in-tandem phase...

So we'll need prayers, good thoughts, and ear plugs.

Luckily we might 've been saved by "Wipeout," or as Sam calls it, "The Haha Song" (for the chattering laughter right at the beginning). He and John sit in their carseats kicking madly to the music, beg for me to stick the song on repeat, and then wear themselves out. I also have enough snacks, coloring books, new DVDs, and other activities on hand to keep a small army of toddlers occupied. So hopefully we'll all survive the trip unscathed. And we've broken it up into two days, because one of the laws of the universe states that it is sheer (sado)maschochism to try to do anything with two toddlers for more than seven hours straight.

So, wish us luck... And "talk" to you soon. :-)

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  1. have fun! and you may be pleasantly surpirsed by their behavior for log stretches of road when they realize, no matter what they do, you are not releasing them. once the fact kicks in, naps and window views abound.


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