Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Am Stoked!

When I bought the book on amazon.com, I had no idea what I was getting. The title was The North Carolina Flood July 14 15 16 1916, and I knew that it was self-published by the author and would probably be helpful as far as research went. I had no idea how helpful--and now I'm literally jumping up and down doing cartwheels of joy. This book is another perfect find.

The book was published in 1918, and is full of comprehensive eyewitness accounts of the flood, it reprints newspaper articles of the time, and is full of pictures, too. There is very little written about this flood anywhere else, and I may be going out on a limb saying this, but based on my trolling around the internet, it may well be the *only* comprehensive account of the entire disaster. I just have to look through the table of contents to see the scope of the damage. Anyone familiar with Western North Carolina would be aghast to think the floods and land slides reached from as far-flung locales as Asheville, Morganton, Marion, Bat Cave, Chimney Rock, and Wilkesboro. And this book describes it all.

It's like the universe wants me to write this book. Everything is falling into place.

I am giddy, I tell you. Giddy!

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