Friday, February 26, 2010

Home Again

The boys are still alive. Tom and I are still speaking to each other. And we're home safe and sound. We had to cut our trip short to narrowly avoid getting caught in a blizzard, and are all tail-dragging exhausted after 5 days out of 7 (mostly) spent driving in the car, but that's what happens when you try to do the grand tour of upstate NY and visit all your relatives at once.

I am also totally mommied out. If I have to get one more sippy, one more snack, point out one more railroad track, one more cow, or climb over fifteen suitcases, a cooler, a labyrinth of DVD cords, the DVD case, two magnetic drawing boards, a stack of books, and a duffle bag full of Thomas the Tank Engine to quickly unbuckle a whining toddler who "Has to go to the potty--right now!" I'm going to have a head-spinning Exorcist moment, and my brain is going to implode.

Today I left Tom at home with the boys and went and got a haircut. My hair is feeling silky and salon beautiful for the first time in about 6 months. I feel almost human. But not quite. Mommy is not yet feeling very mommy-ful.

Now I need some silence. And some sleep.

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