Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Tentative Title

This morning, the Muse whispered in my ear again... This time it was a suggestion for a title.

Here's how it happened. I was thinking about Bearwallow Mountain, since my thoughts are drifting there more and more lately. And I was thinking about the theme of being home that I'm trying to weave into my novel. At which point the Muse suggested I use the word home in the title.

So I started mulling. There's an old Appalachian folk song that Ivy sings to John called 900 Miles. The lyrics are, in part, "If this train runs me right, I'll be home Saturday night, 'cause I'm 900 miles from my home..."

Just on a whim, I mapquested the distance from Boston (where John comes from) to Bear Wallow (where Ivy's from), and it's just a little over 900 miles... And I thought to myself, this can't be a coincidence. Things are just falling into place too perfectly to pass up this opportunity.

So, for now anyway, my tentative title is 900 Miles to Appalachia.

What do you think?


  1. i like it, but i like it better with home than appalacia.

    home is what inspired you, home is the flavor of the old folk song.
    900 miles home? or even just 900 miles? home becoming apparent in the reading of the book.

  2. Yes, you're absolutely right! I like 900 Miles Home.

  3. glad to be of service :)

  4. I like it a lot - the 900 miles suggests a journey of all sorts, where lots can happen. Like 900 miles to home better.... is your heart beating faster?? Do you have a title??

  5. Yes, I think I do...

    And not a heaving bosom in sight. :-P LOL

  6. I like it. It sounds right with home.


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