Friday, January 29, 2010

My Latest Project

Since we've got snow and ice coming, and since it's almost a certainty we're going to lose power, you're getting a two-fer tonight since there's a possibility I won't be able to update my blog for a while.

My mom is visiting from Idaho for the week, and we got to talking and she said she'd make Sam a train quilt for his birthday. We went to get fabric for this quilt, and while we were out, we discovered that the local Wal-mart was clearing out its fabric and everything was 50% off.

My boys both LOVE trains and one of the fabrics on sale at Walmart was a quilted panel for making a train-themed baby quilt. At $5/yard, which makes one complete quilt, it was hard to pass up, so we got a couple of panels to make a quilt and pillowcase for John. But then we decided why stop there? We could also make valances to go with the quilt, so we bought a few more panels. And then we got to thinking that it might be easier to just applique the trains on the baby quilt onto the big quilt mom was going to make, so we got 4 more panels.

As you can see, we are now up to our eyeballs in train quilts.

And we've spent more hours than I want to admit to pulling out all the stitching so we'll have unquilted fabric to work with.

But the finished product is VERY cool. Here is the train quilt I made John. It is backed in the blue fabric to the left. Mom made him two pillow cases out of that. John is so excited. He keeps going back to it to touch it and examine it more closely. And today Sam asked us, "Hey! Where's mine?"


  1. beautiful! so crafty. i still just in-out hand stitch when there's a hole in something.

  2. Oh my god - that's beautiful! well done you - and your mum! Must get my sewing machine out.


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