Sunday, January 10, 2010

Food For the Soul

I've just started a new diet (and am a bit food-obsessed at the moment) and I'm also in the middle of cooking dinner as I type this. So you'll forgive me if I have food, and only food, on my mind right now.

In honor of my 20 followers (which I couldn't be more thrilled about, by the way, thank you so much for sharing this journey with me!), here are 20 foodie facts about me.

1) Tonight we're having a beef roast cooked in red wine and beef broth with parmesan-covered roasted brussel sprouts for dinner.

2)I had never bought fresh brussel sprouts at the grocery store until today. (Which is really sad, come to think of it.) But I saw them and thought they'd taste good with parmesan cheese, which I already had at home, so I got some. Then I had to google a recipe because I'd never made roasted vegetables before today either.

3)I also bought artichokes at the store today (something I do regularly--I love them with mayo) and the cashier had to ask me what they were. (He recognized the brussel sprouts, at least).

4)I love spinach, too. When I was little, if I was sick, I always asked my mom to make me Stouffer's spinach souffle.

5)I'd also ask her to give me canned Bing cherries. I love cherries, especially canned sour cherries from Germany.

6)Actually, I like most sour/tart fruit--like cranberries and ligonberries.
I love ligonberry jam with some kind of freakish passion, but it's hard to find, and since I'm gluten intolerant, I can't eat it on toast anymore, which is a big fat bummer.

7)When I lived in Holland, I was just starting to have stomach issues related to gluten. My host family ate bread 2 meals a day 6 days a week and 3 meals on Sundays. I was surrounded by some of the most delicious bakeries in the world and my hatred of bread became the family joke. It sucks to be gluten intolerant, and now I crave bread. Ironic, huh?

8)Gluten free bread generally tastes like crap. Whole Foods Bakery makes decent bread (the only kind my discerning palate will tolerate) for $7 a loaf.

9)I could eat my weight in gluten free brownies and cupcakes though, and unfortunately, probably have. Hence the need to diet.

10)I LOVE casseroles and congealed salads. If I had my way, everything I ate would involve either a can of cream of chicken soup or a bag of mini marshmallows.

11)My German friends informed me that anything made of Jello and marshmallows cannot *actually* be called a "salad". I beg to differ.

12)For reasons I don't fully understand, I spent a year living in Hungary and never ate gulash once.

13)For other reasons I don't understand, I once saw (but did not eat) a Dutch pizza made of mayo, tuna fish, and corn.

14)The strangest (but strangely delicious) sandwich I ever ate was in England--pressed ham and coleslaw on white bread with butter.

15)I love to cook, but feel very ambivalent about baking. The day they came out with the pre-made cookie squares that you throw on a cookie sheet and bake was one of the happiest of my life.

16)This doesn't mean that I can't bake, or don't bake well. I just prefer making desserts I don't have to cook, like my Frozen Banana Split Cheesecake (a recipe I made up and keep a closely guarded secret).

17)I have learned, however, to keep my bravado to myself. At my first job (as a waitress), with no prior experience filling out a job application, I came across the "Anything else you'd like to tell us" box and wrote idiotically, "I can cook anything if I have a recipe to follow." Guess whose manager called her off the dining room floor to make eclairs when the pastry chef got sick? Fortunately, I made some damn good eclairs (and while I was in the kitchen, whipped up a congealed salad, too, because there was no one available to do that, either).

18)Up til now, I have not acknowledged that I was the one whose hot oil nearly burned the house down, and when dumped out the back door, created a burn mark in the yard where the grass never grew again.

19)There are only a few foods I flatly refuse to eat: liver (and any other organ meat), soy, tofu, meat substitutes, and mushrooms.

20) I'd like my last meal to be a fliet mignon with a blue cheese cream sauce, spinach souffle, garlic roasted potatoes, and some cold chocolatey, cherry-filled dessert. And an extra large lime margarita. :-)


  1. Anonymous6:56 PM

    How was the roast beef? Hmmmmmm - that's my fav roast. It's 40 degrees here today so no roast for us.

  2. I love your photo! Very cute little boys there !

  3. i love when people write about food, even if i don't eat much of it. i'm a junkie re: top chef and anthony bourdain's no resevations, too.

    i think i've mentioned my friend in ct's kid's food sensitivites and all the gluten and dairy, anomg other things free stuff she makes everyday. i'm sure if you were ever looking for good bread recipes, she would have them. she uses a lot of quinoa and rice flours.

    i'm going to be bad and mention the cookbook - vegan cupcakes take over the world. some good dessert gluten free stuff in there....(excuse me while i duck)

  4. yum. i let benjamin do the cooking in our house. i'm the baker. :-)

  5. I'm trying to limit my carb intake as of today - am already hungry! Just wanted to say that I have strted to read Twilight after your post - and now am completely hooked. Wierd.

  6. Kate, we must be kindred souls. :-)

    I'm also on a carb deprivation diet. Are you on a specific diet or just limiting the carbs? I've done them all... Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, and my body truly performs better when I'm low carb. Right now I'm going the Metabolism B diet. Lost 7 lbs this past week, which sounds great except I have a ton more to lose.

    If you're hungry, eat more fat. Nuts and cheese are my snack of choice. :-)

  7. Pllleeeaaasssee can i have your recipe for Spinach Souffle?? I LOVE spinach...

  8. Pllleeeaaasssee can i have your recipe for Spinach Souffle?? I LOVE spinach...

  9. Someone I replied on the other forum...

    Anyway, this spinach souffle is the frozen boxed variety. I wouldn't know how to make a from-scratch spinach souffle if my life depended on it.

    Sorry. :-(


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