Friday, January 29, 2010

Bear Wallow Is A Place

Bear Wallow Mountain Pictures
The house on the left was my Aunt Hattie's. She was my great-grandmother's sister. Bear Wallow Baptist Church is on the right. It was founded by my my great-great grandfather.

During the 1916 flood, a baby girl and an elderly man (both cousins) drowned when the family tried to cross the footbridge directly behind this house and get to their barn. The barn was destroyed during a landslide, but the house was not washed away in the flood and still stands.

A typical Bear Wallow home, surrounded by mountains.

The house my Uncle Bob grew up in (he married my grandfather's sister). His family fled their house and sought shelter in a cave in the mountains during the flood. Their house was washed away and this is the house they built to replace it.

Since I'm spending so much time here in my head, I thought it was only fair to share a few of those images with you. The quality isn't great, because I took most of the pictures right out the car window, but this place is alive with family history for me.


  1. what a personally rich environment to draw from! i'm sure the landscape will come alive in your book!

  2. Hello! My name is Anne Witt and I work for the NC Geological Survey. We are working on landslide maps for Henderson County and we are aware of landslides that happened in the area of Bearwallow in 1916. It sounds like you may have more information from family members as to where some of these landslide occurred.
    It also sounds like you are writing a book on the 1916 flood. I have a paper (from a scientific perspective) on the general history of flooding and landslides in WNC from 1878-2004. I am also writing a history of the 1916 flood, again from a scientific and geologic perspective. I would probably have some helpful information and references if you are interested.
    Again, we are trying to find old landslide locations so any information you might have would be very helpful.
    Anne Witt


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