Friday, January 01, 2010

And Yet...

When everything else falls to pieces, there's always arts and crafts. What I didn't mention in my 2009 round up, but needs mentioning, is that this year I found a great deal of solace returning to my other passion--sewing (and other artsy fartsy pursuits).

I didn't post about this earlier because I was busily making (and helping the boys make) Christmas gifts, and I didn't want to give away the surprise. But now that the holidays are over, here is the sum total of our creative pursuits for the last year.

This year I finished two of the stockings you see hanging here (mine and John's).

And I'm still hard at work on my tablecloth:

Here's a view of the completed and incomplete parts (it's the width of my queen-sized bed, in case you were curious)

And here's a view of the embroidery in detail.

I've been working on it full-time with only a brief break in late spring when I made this:

As well as a small bread cloth embroidered in holly and ivy that I gave my mother-in-law for Christmas (and forgot to take a picture of). It was a companion piece for this:

A pottery bread basket the boys made her covered in their handprints.

After my successful day painting pottery with Sam for Tom's birthday, I got a wild hair that this was the perfect project for the boys for Christmas.

John and Sam made this for my aunt who collects teapots:

This for my mom who's always gardening:

And this for my grandmother who loves her cocoa:

He and John also made a cereal bowl for Tom's grandmother to eat her Cheerios in (since she's a Cheerio addict). I didn't get a picture of that, either.

Then for Christmas, I got a Knifty Knitter, and cranked these scarves out for myself:

It doesn't feel like I've gotten what I wanted to get accomplished this year, but looking back on all that I'm made, maybe I haven't been as slack as I thought.

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  1. wonderful! fun and beautiful, i especially love the yellow flower embroidery...and the holly hanprint bowl.

    and yuo don't look nearly as exhausted as i've felt all year!!! kudos!


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