Thursday, November 05, 2009


I do want to add, for the record, that despite the events of yesterday afternoon, my carpets are spotlessly clean. There isn't a trace of any of it left behind. No stains at all.

What is my secret?

A carpet solution made of 1 c Water, 1 T white vinegar, and 1 t Dreft. I am hardly Holly Homemaker, but I decided to try this in a fit of desperation a few months ago (a difficult stain in the middle of the living room and everything else was bleaching out the carpet scrap I had on hand). I found this recipe online, my test patch didn't fade, so I thought "Why not?"

It is the stuff of miracles. You just soak the carpet, scrub away any surface "dirt," then soak up the remaining liquid with a towel or paper towels, and if the stain is still visible repeat again. Name a noxious bodily fluid, and it's removed it from my carpet without so much as a hint it was there.

Another secret cleaning tip I recently came across is oxygen bleach. It's like OxyClean on steriods, without the bleaching factor. I won't use OxyClean. Hate it. But real oxygen bleach is another miracle product that no one knows about. It cleaned our ceramic tile grout when nothing else would. Even soaked in red gatorade that had turned the grout pink. I got it here I met Tim Carter of Ask the Builder fame when we lived in Cincinnati, and tried it based on his recommendation. It does everything he claims it does.

So everything is clean and squared away, for now. Let's see how long it lasts.


  1. yay! okay, wrote about a third of the last three days' wordcount goal...must go back....

  2. Wow, this is a really timely recommendation, as I also found myself down on my hands and knees today cleaning up vomit from the carpet. Juggling writing a novel and motherhood sure has its share of challenges. We certainly have a lot in common.


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