Friday, October 30, 2009

Working At It

I should be in the garage sanding quarter round right now, but I thought I'd take a minute to update my blog before I get swept up in the tidal wave that is autumn around here.

I know most people get very busy this time of year with the holidays approaching and whatnot, but for me, autumn equals that plus an insane burst of creative mojo that doesn't peter out until February. I have a feeling my blogs will become sparser this month, since I have halfway commited myself to NANOWRIMO. This year, I have no immediate goals per se. I'm certainly not going to kill myself in an attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. What I am going to do is devote my blog-writing time to writing some descriptions of the setting in my mountain romance novel, and flex some of my writing muscles more regularly. I am becoming increasingly cranky as I withdraw from the writing world, so obviously abstaining from it completely is not a good idea.

Plus, I'm still committed to spending more time with the boys and less time on the computer and this time of year is full of fun holiday entertainment for them. Here are pictures we took of them in their costumes at the Enchanted Tracks at The Pavillion in Taylors. It's quickly becoming my favorite park in all of Greenville. This was a great little event for kids--night time train rides, trick-or-treating with story book characters in the woods, a petting zoo, bounce houses. They had a blast.

I'm still working on Christmas presents, too. My goal is to be finished by Thanksgiving. Yesterday while checking my spam email account, I stumbled across an offer from for a free photo book, and while web surfing, I found another offer from for a free ($15 worth) photo gift. Thanks to my friend Amy, who let me borrow her computer (ours does not have working flashplayer), I cranked out two more Christmas gifts last night. Tom was pleasantly surprised when I told him what I'd done and how much it ended up costing me (I had to pay the shipping costs... big whoopee doo).

And speaking of which, those of you who have been following our home improvement saga for the last seven years will appreciate this:

Tom laid a bazillion square feet of ceramic tile in our house, and has recently begun installing quarter round to finish off the edges (hence my need to go sand it). However, he decided that due to our nightmarish experiences caulking our house in Ohio, he was not going to bother caulking the joints between the wood pieces and was just going to let them be. The naked joints really bothered me, probably in the same way that naked table legs bothered the Victorians. So yesterday, against Tom's wishes, I took matters into my own hands. A few weeks back, I'd bought a cool looking tool for caulking--a silicone seam smoother-thingy--which Tom immediately declared a colossal waste of money and refused to use. Yesterday, I opened it, grabbed a tube of kitchen and bathroom caulk that was shoved in the furthest reaches of the garage, and went to work plugging up the seams between the quarter round pieces. That tool was a revelation. I made some of the loveliest caulk lines you've ever seen.

So Tom comes home from lunch. I show him my handiwork. And being Tom, he said, "While you were at it, why didn't you caulk the seam between the quarter round and the baseboard, too?"

Typical. I'm guessing he thought it turned out well. :-)

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  1. i totally turn cranky if i'm not doing something creative, esp writing. takes its toll on the whole family. and the check out clerk. and anyone on the roasd when i'm driving.

    i;'m glad you're committing to it nano even in a modifed way. i know your creative juices have been bubbling a lot lately. i'm the same way with the creative flow from oct-feb. the holidays kind of kill it, but i'm back on board after.

    boys are so cute in these pics! i often find myself saying to andrew, did you notice that today, i did such and such, and such and such and finished the whatchamacallit, etc.' i am glad he's honest when he says no,(even if it hurts a bit) because then he usually is like, really? all that? after i finish the litany.

    he usually notices i haven't done the usual when he comes home and complains what a wreck the kitchen is. (ehem, dude, look at all the magically folded laundry piled to ceiling a mere sofa away...)


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