Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In A Holiday Mood

I know it's early, but the cooler weather has my mind buzzing about the holidays. I've been looking forward to them for almost half a decade. The last four Christmases have been challenging, to say the least.

Christmas 2005--I was about 7 weeks pregnant and my helacious morning sickness ramped itself up on the 12 hour drive to visit Tom's parents in Syracuse. Not the holliest jolliest holiday spent puking in my in-laws utility sink. :-(

Christmas 2006--Spent in Maryland, NJ, and NY with an infant who refused to sleep at night, but napped through nearly all of the Christmas festivities, and wailed whenever he went on a road trip.

Christmas 2007--Pregnant again. With a toddler. Spent a very quiet Christmas alone at the house. I missed the hustle and bustle of family around.

Christmas 2008--First of all, I was sick as a dog from before Halloween, straight through Thanksgiving, and was only just starting to feel better when the family developed a lovely case of pre-holiday Norovirus. We flew (with an infant, a toddler, all our luggage, and a carseat) to NY on Christmas Day--and proceeded to give my father-in-law and brother-in-law a nasty Christmas gift that they enjoyed the rest of our visit.

And yet Christmas is still my favorite holiday... Here's hoping this one goes a little better.

This is the very first Christmas where one of our children has a clue about Santa Claus, so I can't wait for that. I got Sam a gift from Santa that I'm certain will knock his little socks off. The in-laws will be here, and all my holiday hostessing senses have gone into overdrive (If you're as addicted to Honey Baked Ham as I am, you can go to www.honeybaked.com/holiday and print yourself a $10/off coupon). I'm already planning a sumptious holiday menu to go along with the aforementioned ham. It will be a holiday bonanza to end all holiday bonanzas.

I've been flooded with gift-giving inspiration this year--which has much to do with spending the last holiday season walking around the mall in a whooping-cough/pnuemonia-addled daze(Now I have two year's worth of inspiration to go on). And thanks to my extremely cooperative, and artistic children, I'm giddy for the big day to arrive and their inspired (if I do say so myself) presents to be unwrapped.

Tomorrow, while Sam's class takes a make-up field trip to the apple orchard (we're going on Thursday), we're heading back to The Glazing Pot in Greer for part #3 of our holiday gift making. Tom's grandmother mentioned to me how much she loves and can't get enough of Cheerios the last time we saw her, and since she's notoriously difficult to buy for (everything you give her comes back to you the following year), I decided months ago that we needed to buy her a Sam's-sized box of Cheerios for Christmas. But then I got to thinking that the icing on the cake would be a bowl to eat them in, painted for her by her great-grandsons. Surely that's something she'd enjoy (and keep). So that's our project for tomorrow...

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  1. that's great...i can't even start to consider christmas until after halloween. wish my family would come down here, this year we will not be heading north for the holiday frenzy. i have however been thinking about things for the kids to start planning...


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