Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School 2009

Yesterday was Sam's first day of K3 and today was John's first day of Mother's Morning Out. Sam will be going 5 days a week, John only 2. The transition has been easy for them, thanks in large part to the time they spent at school for "summer camp." They already know their teachers and classrooms, and went happily and enthusiastically back to school.

Here are the requisite first day of school pictures:

I used to love the first day of school. I loved school and always looked forward to each new year with such a sense of anticipation. And when I taught, I was equally excited to get back to the classroom. It makes me feel really wistful to wave my goodbyes and head home every day. Granted, I LOVE having some time to myself to do all the things I need to do to keep life from crashing down on my head, but I occasionally fantasize about teaching again, maybe when the boys start elementary school, if I can find a place that would hire me with an MA in English and no license or teaching degree.

I really would like to contribute to the household income in some way and the other day I had a brainstorm about something I could do to make extra money. It occurred to me that there's got to be a market (albeit a small one) for writing tutors. I'm thinking mostly in the vein of high schoolers writing papers and college essays and that sort of thing, but I could tutor older and younger people as well. If there's one thing I do well it's writing, and I think I'm pretty adept at teaching those skills to others. I tutored at a university writing center, taught freshman composition at the same university, taught 4-7th grade English, am an award-winning playwright, and a published author. I've got street cred.

What do you all think? Crazy idea?


  1. i feel the same way about the start of the school year. congrats on two schooled boys!

    speaking as a writing (among other things) tutor, there is a market, but it is very small, esp in this economy. if you want to get started on it, i would talk to your area guidance counselors and other school types before posting ads. i also have pretty good luck going through my pediatric office. it's especially easier to find clients after the first grade reports of the year come through, whether at mid-marking period or first quarter.


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