Monday, August 10, 2009

Again With the Apologies

I know. I know. Where the hell have I been? No blogs. No emails. No facebook status updates. I might as well have fallen off the face of the earth. Or maybe that's only what it feels like...

Tom's gotten motivated to work on the house lately, and we have been the busiest little beavers you ever saw--painting, sanding, building, cleaning... It's madness around here.

For the last few weeks, Tom's been busily laying tile in the master bathroom, painting the master bathroom, hanging new curtains in the master bathroom, painting the master bedroom, hanging new curtains in the master bedroom, and rebuilding our wooden columns outside (which had begun rotting along the bottoms). We dug up all the landscaping rocks in the flower bed and have big plans for some new landscaping. We've been trying to resuscitate our Knock-Out Roses that appear to have developed Black Spot, and are hoping that our sickly-looking Butterfly Bushes will, well, bush at some point in the near future.

And in the meantime, it was consignment sale time, which meant having a big old binging and purging moment in the closets. And while I was in there, I decided it was time to clean them out and straighten them up as well.

Then I started tackling spots in the carpet, and after some trial and error (the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water combination left a huge bleach spot on our carpet-sample doormat), discovered a treatment that actually removes old, dried urine from carpet. For the betterment of society, I will share it with you here:

Mix a cup of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar (I used rice vinegar, but I don't think it matters) and a teaspoon of Dreft, pour it onto spot, then take clean white towels and soak up all the excess liquid. I was alternately horrified and thrilled when big yellow rings began to instantly appear on the towels. I went through three or four towels, and eventually put a clean towel on the floor and piled textbooks on top of it, and then stood on them to get the last bits of water out, but the spot is gone and the carpet smells deliciously of freshly-washed baby clothes. :-)

And speaking of babies, please someone hit me... I have three friends who are pregnant and one who just gave birth and then after seeing the rows and rows of pretty pink newborn outfits at the consignment sale, found myself thinking, "I wish I had a baby girl..." I've even dreamed that one of my friends gave me her little-girl-to-be to adopt. Obviously, I'm not in my right mind. Inhaling all those Dreft fumes must've made me high or something. Sam was the same age John is now when I got pregnant with John, and we all know how hellish it's been the last two years just trying to cling to some semblance of normal around here. John may seem easy now, but he'll be climbing the curtains within six months, and I know better than to go down *that* path again. And besides that, I don't particularly like infants. At least not up close and screaming incessantly at 2am. Why have my hormones gone all irrational and why does sleep deprivation and mounting insanity suddenly seem like such a good idea when things have finally begun to feel normal around here again??? Like I said, hit me. Or bring me over your infant to babysit.

Maybe it's because my boys are seeming so old all of a sudden. The other morning, Tom got John out of his crib and brought him to me in bed and I swear he'd matured overnight. He's losing his baby face and starting to really look like a little boy. It doesn't help that he wants to do everything his older brother does, so he's skipped the Duplo-block-Baby-Einstein-soft-taggie-book phase and is all about Thomas and Cars and eating with things like spoons. :-( And don't even get me started on Sam. He'll be THREE on Wednesday!!! HOW did that happen??? WHEN did that happen???

We have big plans for his birthday. I'm big on letting my kids express opinions when they have them (and being mine and Tom's kids, they ALWAYS have opinions LOL). So for the last couple of weeks I've been asking Sam what he wanted to do on his birthday. He couldn't quite understand that his birthday is Wednesday and his party is Saturday and that he could do different things on his actual birthday. Finally, last night I whipped out the laptop (Seriously, how did parents parent toddlers without this thing???) and pulled up websites for places he likes to go... Frankie's Fun Park, Monkey Joe's, various parks, various restaurants, and said, "Do you want to do this?" When I pulled up the Chuck E. Cheese website, he got all excited and said that was what he wanted to do, so that's where we're going. And to top the day off, and start a long-held tradion in my family, we will be stopping by Cold Stone Creamery on the way home to pick up his Ice Cream Cake Cupcakes. It will be a good day.

But I'll still wish he wasn't so big.


  1. And besides that, I don't particularly like infants. At least not up close and screaming incessantly at 2am.

    Ditto this. I LOVE Anne, but honestly I am terrified about having another one. If you have a third you are elevated to the status of maternal goddess in my eyes :)

    And we took Anne to Monkey joes last week and she LOVED it- she didn't want to play on the little kid stuff though, so her daddy chased her around all the big kid stuff. Made her really tired and went to bed early:)

  2. uh-oh.

    i totally know what you mean, but i am in no position tog et pregnant again at 43-44! esp not after c's pregnancy.

    she's looking awfully mature these days, too,and when she was flopped lengthwise on me last night from my chest to my knees, i said 'remember when she was (gesture much smaller version over her) only this big?' to dh.

    but you're ten years younger than i, so i say....nah, i won't pin that on you, but.... ;)

  3. Ain't gonna happen. Irreversible babyproofing operation. :-)

    Truly, I have no desire whatsoever to be pregnant again. Neither of them was easy. One nasty miscarriage followed by two full-term pregnancies where I had preterm labor/bedrest/crazy blood pressure spike with #1/too much amniotic fluid with #2/John's host of issues due to positioning/and chronic pelvic misalignment from Sam's vacuum delivery. Thanks, but no thanks.

    I've been very clear from the get-go that at some point in the future (maybe when John starts Kindergarten?) I intend to adopt a little girl from the Ukraine. We'll see if I feel the same way in 4 years.


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