Friday, July 17, 2009

Out With the Old...

The whole month of July has totally taken me by surprise. It showed up completely unannounced and by the time I recovered from the shock it was, well, today (the 17th)...

I had a minor heart attack when I realized that the local Fall consignment sales were a short two weeks away and that I needed to get my butt in gear immediately to prepare for them. This is easier said than done, and anyone who's been following my blog a while knows that it's an all-consuming twice-yearly process that very nearly kills me.

So yesterday, I went up into our attic and pulled down the Rubbermaid Containers of Death and began sorting. One pile to sell. One pile for Goodwill. One pile for It-Looks-Big-It-Might-Actually-Fit-John-Another-Year. (The nice thing about having two boys close in age is the whole insta-hand-me-down thing. I promised Tom this day would come. John is set for the next 2 years. And since I always buy Sam's clothes at the end of season clearance sales, and he hasn't been growing very fast, so is he.)

Then I bagged and boxed everything that needed to be bagged and boxed, and shoved it in the closet I lovingly refer to as Pandora's Box. The door closes only by the grace of God, and you'd better be prepared for all manner of things to rain down on your head if you ever open it.

I packed up toys, and tracked down outgrown socks. I washed. I ziplocked. I re-organized the boys' rooms. The upstairs closets were neat as pins (except for the Pandora closet--my post-consignment-sale project). The only thing I didn't do yesterday was fold and put away the laundry and run around with a garbage bag for last minute pieces of trash.

Tom comes home and has a roaring shit fit about "all the crap everywhere." He has no idea...

Today I took Sam and John to K-mart. They have the best prices/cutest clothes for boys I've found anywhere and I always make it a point to shop their clearance sales. The prices were pretty good ($2.50-$5 for t-shirts, $5 for pajamas, and $6 for 2-piece outfits and 2 packs of shorts) so I went ahead and bought everything he'll need for next year. My strategy (which I would recommend to any mom) is to do all your shopping at a store like K-mart and try to buy pieces that are mix and match. I've found that Sam is very long in the torso, and at the beginning of the summer, he was wearing 24 month shorts and 3T tops, but is now more or less in 3T. Because I buy everything at K-mart, the dye lots all match, and the colors from two years ago match the colors on the clothes I bought last summer, and the clothes I bought today match the previous two years'. I save crazy amounts of money doing this. For $130 dollars, I walked out with 14 outfits, 2 pairs of pajamas, and a swim set (rash guard and board shorts).

This was the first shopping trip where Sam's ever expressed an opinion on his wardrobe. He picked out a lot of Lightening MacQueen clothes. He made me put back a shirt with jungle animals on it, which he called "shirt for the baby," and for some reason did not want dump truck pajamas. Go figure...

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  1. congratulations on a job well done! i usually find myself categorically detailing what i have accomplished on a day when dh walks in with a comment like that.

    not just july, but this entire year plus has absolutely flown. many in my neck of the woods back me up on this. we look at each other stunned that chloe is as old as she is, stunned that the school year has ended, stunned by just how much has happened since christmas, which seems about 6 weeks ago...


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