Monday, July 13, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award #2

My friend Cathy who authors the blog Musings in Mayhem nominated me for another Lovely Blog Award. Thanks Cathy! You've got a lovely blog too!

Again I've got to come up with seven previously unknown things about me. Let's see what I can dredge up today. :-)

1. I took a Facebook quiz today that seemed really accurate. It seems the color green suits my personality best because:

You are a cool yet energized person. You probably tend to be a little more introverted than extroverted - while you love being with your friends, you still need your "you" time. You are probably a rather laid back, zen sort of person, unless you get a good kick of energy; then you can be crazy fun! You are probably insightful and smart; logic comes easily to you. You tend to be a balance between red and yellow. Reds are passionate and intense, and tend to walk over people. Yellows tend to be the walked on, because they like to keep the peace. You, however, are a balance of both. You know when to lie down and let someone take the lead, but if you feel strongly about something, you're not afraid to stand up for it! You are probably compassionate as well, and like animals and plants. You may be a little off-beat, and feel like not many people really see the depth in your personality. You would probably rather keep things on a superficial level that other people can understand than show the deeper side of yourself. You, in a nutshell: Cool, energized, balanced, strong, funky, zen, deep, intelligent, logical, compassionate. GREEN!

2. This description made me almost-deleriously happy and I would be thrilled to think this is how people actually saw me. No matter what I do, I always feel like a gigantic fuddy duddy. Even during the wildest times in my life--times I wore plastic mini-skirts, was bar hopping in Europe, danced on bar tops for free shots, and spent weekends partying at clubs the only female with an entire troop of Danish soldiers, I still felt like I wasn't doing enough to put myself out there and really go nuts. I always feel like I have to prove that I'm fun to hang out with, when I probably already am.

3. I have no tattoos or piercings (except for my ears and they periodically grow closed since I rarely wear jewelry of any kind).

4. I can't stand to wear flip flops because I don't like the feeling of anything between my toes.

5. I have to go in tomorrow for another CT scan of my thymus. It's probably unchanged since the last time, but I hate the unknown all the same.

6. I'm not doing a very good job of being profound today. I want to say something really interesting and insightful about myself, but I'm exhausted from traveling. Whether you're driving or flying to NY, it's a long way away, and I wish it wasn't such an ordeal just to visit family. I'm also sad that all our big plans have already happened and we don't have anything exciting to look forward to now.

7. Tom's pretty much out of vacation for the rest of the year, so we will be here by ourselves for all the holidays. I'm not looking forward to that at all. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays and I like it when all is a hive of activity. I also like an excuse to cook big, starchy meals, with lots of desserts, and throw parties. But for whatever reason, our house is never the gathering spot for any of that, so I never get a chance to do it, and I'm not inspired to knock myself out when it's just the four of us.


  1. yay!

    as for not feeling fun, you are, most definitely not a fuddy-duddy. i know i feel all fuddy-duddy when my major topic of convo is my kids, or anyone else's for that matter. no more dancing in mini-skirts on bar tables for me. although i do have a tattoo.

    as for family gathering, i find the best way is to invite them, make your home the hub.

  2. good luck with the thymus scan, too. keep us posted!

  3. good luck with the thymus stuff....and since i'm a girl who lives in flip flops, how you can you NOT like flip flops!?!? :-)


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