Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello Again

I've been feeling a little guilty about not blogging more, but I haven't had anything of interest to write about recently. I've been spending most of my time trying to pare down the amount of crap in my house and referee summertime squabbles between the boys. Neither is particularly fun or entertaining.

What has been fun lately is reading the latest round of about me-quizzes on Facebook. I love reading about other people. It never gets old and I always find it highly entertaining. So in the interest of entertaining you, here are some more random facts about me.

1. I once had pet ducklings named Peaches and Quackers (yes, I named them *sigh*). Peaches was a female and Quackers was a male. Peaches had almost no personality, but Quackers was awesome. He'd quack excitedly whenever he saw me and would follow me everywhere and let me hold him. He'd even give me kisses with his bill. One night he disappeared. We think he got carried off by a fox or something. We took Peaches to a nearby lake to live. When we were in NY for the wedding recently, the park next to our hotel was full of ducklings and it made me remember what great pets they made. I wish I could get the boys some ducklings. They'd have a great time with them, especially since the dogs won't have anything to do with them.

2. I wonder if I'm the only way who feels this way about their children: Sam acts just like my grandfather. Same mischievious facial expressions, interests, body language, etc. I told my grandmother that I feel like I've known Sam my entire life. John doesn't remind me of anyone else, and I feel like I'm still getting to know him.

3. Sam is really looking forward to his upcoming birthday party. It's the first one where he's had any input, and he was so excited when UPS delivered the party favors. I know it makes me a gigantic party pooper, but I've asked our guests to consider donating to the SC Railroad Museum in lieu of gifts. The museum can certainly put the donations to good use, and after dropping off two van loads of kid stuff at the various consignment sales, I feel like I finally have a handle on the avalanche of stuff around here and don't want to bring anything else in the house.

4. As I write this, John is blowing raspberries on my knee. It's one of his new skills. He figured out how to climb up the rock climbing wall on the backyard playset, is attempting to eat with a fork now, and can speed walk very effectively too. Sam has figured out how to work the DVD player completely unassisted now, so it's the Thomas Show 24/7 around here.

5. There must be something wrong with me, but I consistantly prefer the un-picked #2 candidate in every single Bachelor/Bachelorette finale I've ever seen. Maybe this is because it's always the flamboyant "fun" person that gets choosen, with the more serious "settled" person sent packing. Call me a trend bucker, but I've never had much use for "fun" guys. Just thinking about dating one gives me an ulcer. Give me the serious, brooding, tightly-wound, financially stable neatfreak ANY day.

6. My knee is slimey now, and my legs are covered with bruises from toddler tackles, playing horsey, and being a jungle gym. Parenthood seems glamorous until you find yourself practically pummled to death on a daily basis.

7. Sam wants to play outside all the time now, but I'm afraid to take him in the backyard. Tom has discovered some ENORMOUS black widow spiders back there. We're up to nine or ten in the last couple of weeks.

8. Beyond our fence, a family of beavers is building a dam behind our house. I hope no one disturbs them because beavers are very cool.

9. Lately, I haven't had much desire to do any writing. Planning for my next novel, yes. Research, yes. Writing, not a word. I don't think this is a good time to get involved in a new project. My boys aren't going to be little like this for much longer and I will regret not spending time with them more than I will not finishing a book. And anyway, I'm itching to do more artsy craftsy kinds of things. While I was visiting my grandmother, she had me go through her craft books and I found a pattern to whittle a wooden doll... All of a sudden I had a hundred ideas for handmade wooden dolls shoot through my head at once. I have no clue how to whittle, but I'm going to try to learn.

10. I sat here and watched the boys play happily side by side for five minutes. And then it passed.


  1. Just saying that you could whittle sounds cool to me! And could you get ducklings for your backyard? Our neighbor keeps telling me i should get ducks instead of chickens. They lay eggs and they don't mind wet weather. I can't imagine your bruises with 2 boys but I seem to lose a lot of hair due to hair pulling and then bruises from squeezing or me bumping into stuff on the way to prevent a big disaster. :)

  2. i love hearing about your life - have given you an award on my site.


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