Monday, June 08, 2009

My New Novel

Yesterday we went to the lake and spent several hours on our boat. It must have relaxed me more than I realized, because the entire way home from Lake Hartwell, my brain was going ninety miles an hour, busily composing a new novel. Unlike most brainstormed ideas, where I come up with a snappy title and a hook, but have to flesh out a plot, this idea unfolded itself very neatly for me. I've started doing research for it, and again, it's coming together very serendipitously.

Unlike How Home Improvement Saved My Marriage, where the protagonists were married, and it was more absurdist/chic lit-y, I'm going to try to write a real honest-to-God historical romance novel this time.

The book will take place in the Appalachian Mountains in 1916. Ivy Lyda lives on Bear Wallow Mountain and tends to the sick there. Her grandmother was Cherokee and taught her all manner of folk remedies. She's well respected in her neck of the woods until the arrogant (but intoxicatingly handsome) doctor John Emerson arrives newly graduated from Harvard Medical School and starts his own practice in the NC mountains. This is the summer a horrible flood wrecks havoc in the mountains and forces them to work together even as their lives are put in danger. I'm not going to give the ending away, but *I* know exactly what's going to happen. :-P

To diverge a little bit, I put zero (and I do mean ZERO) stock in facebook quizzes, especially the ones about guardian angels and super hero names. But this past week, I took the guardian angel quiz and got the following result:

Brittany took the Who is your Guardian Angel? quiz and the result is Uriel

"God is light", "God's light", Fire of God" Uriel is considered one of the wisest Archangels because of his intellectual information, practical solutions and creative insight, but he is very subtle. You may not even realize he has answered your prayer until you've suddenly come up with a brilliant new idea. Uriel is the tallest and his eyes can see trough the eternity. All this considered, Uriel's area of expertise is divine magic, problem solving, spiritual understanding, studies, alchemy, weather, earth changes and writing. Considered to be the Archangel who helps with earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disaster and earth changes, call on Uriel to avert such events or to heal and recover in their aftermath.

How very very wierd and oddly coincidental...

I'm going to put John and Sam both in camp for the rest of the summer so I can have some time to reorganize my house and can get started on this next book. I can't wait to start writing it.


  1. Sounds like a great book. How long does it typically take you to write a book?

  2. For the first draft, a few months maybe if I get on a good roll and have a regular amount of time to work on it. Maybe as much as a year. You never know with little kids.

  3. that's fantastic!

    did you ever see the medieaval french movie the sorceress?

    very similiar concept, the female earthy healer woman and the priest sent to convert the locals...based on the true story of the saint of the area. it's been absolutely decades since i've seen it, but a wonderful movie on the whole earth mother/western patriarchy thing.

    as to fb quizzes, i put no stock in them either, but they come up surprisingly accurate sometimes.

  4. OMGosh -- love the picture! Good luck with your new novel too. It sounds great.


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