Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best Friends

I am writing this in amazement. Imagine the liklihood of two people, from different continents, a Sagittarius and a Capricorn, becoming best friends at the age of 15 and remaining best friends for nearly 20 years. Then imagine the liklihood of their two children, a boy Leo and a girl Virgo, meeting while in preschool, and having the same intensity of friendship as their mothers. I would think the odds were not good. But Nicole and I are those friends, and for the last few weeks have watched as our children have grown closer and closer.

I don't even know how to describe the intensity of their friendship. The closest I can come to it is to say that it's the way twins interact with each other. There's a complete understanding of the other, a desire to be with that other person (most of the time), and the way being together shuts out the rest of the world. I feel this way when I'm with Nicole and it's obvious that Sam feels the same way about Mackenzie.

Right now, he's clinging to my knee saying, "Mackenzie dance to the choo choo video?" Sam and Mackenzie spend hours dancing together in the living room.

When he wants to dance with her, he'll run up to me and say "Mackenzie dance?" And I'll tell him he'll have to ask her. He'll run over and say, "Mackenzie, dance?" And she'll ignore him. But Sam will persist. "Mackenzie, I want to dance with me," he'll say (he's having trouble with the difference between you and me). "Mackenzie, I want to dance with me, pleeeeeeaaaase." And then after making him beg a few more minutes, she'll say "okay" and away they'll go.

One afternoon, Mackenzie said she wanted me to dance with them. I joined in, but then Sam grabbed my thighs and backed me out of the living room saying, "No, Mommy. Go away." His time with Mackenzie is his time and his time only.

Unfortunately, Mackenzie is still asleep for now, so Sam will have to find a way to get through the morning without her. He's trying to divert himself by eating crackers, but after a week with Mackenzie, he now calls them "crackahs." He also goes to the "toilet," and constantly corrects me because I insist on calling it the potty. :-P

Now he's laying backward on the ottomon, watching The Wiggles and whining to me that Mackenzie is still asleep. Ever so often he'll raise his head up and wail "Mackenzie!" I wish I could help him, but I feel ill-equipped to deal with my lovesick 2-year-old.


  1. welcome back! good to hear from you.

    i am a capricorn married to a sag, and find at times we speak in completely different languages, but in others, we say exactly the same oddball sentence at the same time - usually followed by a 'thasadimtalkinaboud..' and a high five.

    as to the preschoolers, that's adorable, and heart sick when she leaves the continent.

    k, at same age fell in love at first sight with a little girl named catherine at a street corner farmer's market in maine. he pined after her for a very long time. those two were inseperable for a couple of hours while all parents and vendors looked on smiling in amazement.

  2. That is so cute! And it must be nice for you to have him so involved with someone else for a little bit too. :)
    I hope he soaks it all up and they stay in touch till they are older.

  3. what fun. that last picture is precious. and i love the caged kids new pic in your header!

  4. I love the pictures. How cute would it be if they got married in the future and you could show these pictures in the wedding slideshow?

    Now what are you going to do when she leaves? My 2.5 year old loves playing with older kids too. I think the younger siblings have it good since they'll always have a fun older playmate.

  5. Sam and John play really well together, so I imagine Sam will go back to playing with him more. It's sad though. Sam and Mackenzie have something really special. That few-and-far-between friendship that will be harder to replace. I'm not really looking forward to having to talk to a 2-year-old about the realities of geography and mommy and daddy's bank account.

  6. Just wanted to let you know that I have an award for your blog on my blog.

  7. Kelly, that's so cool! Thanks! I love blog awards. :-) As soon as I get my house clean(er), I'll post it on here.


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