Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another Week Gone

I'm not doing a very good job keeping my blog updated, am I? We had another week of illness here--this time it was John running the 103 degree fever. He was lethargic and glassy-eyed, and generally scared me half to death. I was researching dihptheria for a poem I was writing, and couldn't help but panic a little as I read more and more about infant mortality in the 1890s. It inspired me to do a little more with the boys and a little less blog writing.

This week Sam is home for Spring Break, so there has been even less time for writing than usual. Yesterday, we braved the cold (the local meterologist said it was warmer in Minnesota than in Greenville yesterday) to go to the opening of George the Train, a miniature passenger train for children, at one of the local parks. Sam had a spectacular time playing games, winning candy, and going on a train ride. The park itself was great, too. It's called The Pavillion, and in addition to the miniature train, also has an indoor bounce house, and an ice skating rink.

Since I have an obsession with planning birthday parties months in advance, I'm already thinking of what to do for Sam's party in August. It's a trickier proposition than it sounds because it could easily be 100 degrees outside on his birthday. We've done the birthday-party-at-our-house thing, but we just don't have the space to throw a fun little boy party indoors. And there aren't a lot of options for an indoor party that would appeal to toddlers. The Little Gym was excellent, but we've done that already, and Sam really wants a train party this year. Bounce Houses are an option, but they're still open to the public and three-year-olds can easily get hurt by older children. Plus, they don't have the desired train component. So I'm still mulling, but the Pavillion seemed like a good option since I could combine the bounce house party with a train ride.

Now that summer is on the horizon, I'm really making a big push to get in shape. I'm gotten a great pilates video to do on my off-gym days, and also got the Jillian Michaels (of Biggest Loser fame) No More Trouble Zones dvd, and it's kicking my ass. I routenely lug 18 pounds of John, and 30 pounds of Sam around, sometimes at the same time. So you wouldn't think that 20 minutes and a pair of 5 pound weights would leave me half-delerious and in need of a 3 hour nap, but they do. I hope that means it's working. Our cruise is 18 days away, and while I don't expect miracles, a little tightening up would not be an unwelcome change.


  1. ah, you just reminded me that my little getaway is in 23 days and i need to seriously get back into my push-up/burpee routine! these arms and this belly really should not be this swingy as i lounge by a pool.

  2. Hope the warm weather kills the germs at your place! My daughter now has a stomach virus. Fun times this winter. :) I gave you an award on my blog if you do awards. :)


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