Monday, March 23, 2009

House Progress

We're finally coming to the end of our three-year-long house makeover. Yesterday, Tom finished grouting the tile in the eating area off the kitchen. We can officially say that all tiling downstairs has come to an end. We still have two bathrooms upstairs to tile, but that should go more more quickly because Tom's not going to lay the tile in a pinwheel pattern.

This is a continuation of the tile in the eating area (and our new festively colored bamboo rug). It exends through the kitchen and into the adjoining dining room.

This is the dining room, and still more tile. It extends into the entry way. I think it's safe to say that Tom is pretty sick of laying the stuff. But I'm incrediably pleased with the end result.

Here is the garden tub in our newly-painted master bathroom. This is our new favorite paint color, called Skylark. We're going to be hanging a hotel-style towel rack over the tub to give it a nice "spa" feel. It's sitting underneath the sink right now with all the new handware we haven't gotten around to installing.

This is another view of the master bathroom, which isn't quite finished. Tom installed the new light fixtures (which included a time-consuming patch job on the walls to fix the gigantic holes hidden behind the previous Hollywood lighting), and I put on the new chrome door knobs (I know... I shouldn't over-exert myself.) We have a brand-new double towel rack and two new faucets to install. We're two towel rings and a tile floor away from being finished here.
Here is the view from the living room of our little entry way from the garage and the newy-painted powder room--in Skylark, again. (And the infamous curtain that sparked the "are cords around the bottom of curtains ugly or not" argument in Lowe's.) We also replaced the light fixture and all the hardware in here. Eventually we'll repace the faucet, too. You can see that this area is tiled as well.

In the next week or two, we will be ordering our new carpet. That will require us to drop everything and spend a couple of days (or more) pulling up all the carpet upstairs. It'll save us a couple hundred dollars and is a great way to take out our frustrations on an inatimate object. The carpet in Sam's room is coming up first! The poor kid is probably going to be wearing backwards, pinned pajamas during nap time until he's five! But at least the carpets will stay cleaned. :-) Once the carpet is in, all that's left to do in the house is paint our bedroom, paint our two-story entry way, and the spare bathroom upstairs, and tile both bathrooms. Then for the first time since 2002, we can enjoy living in a completely renovated house.


  1. So I guess that means you will enjoy it a week and then move?

  2. Oh, and everything looks great by the way. I love the tile, I can only imagine how long that took.
    This is kind of a weird question, but what kind of stuff are you going to use to paint your 2 story entry? We have the same thing, and I have not been able to find a ladder that would work. We also have a large chandelier up there, and I am terrified of a light burning out, cause I don't have a ladder to use to replace it.

  3. We're planning to stay here and save money for awhile before we move to another house, so I hope to enjoy it for a while.

    We're going to hire someone to do the entry way. Even Tom will admit it's beyond the scope of his capabilities.

  4. scaffolding works.

    it looks beautiful. can i come over just to take a bath? haha!

  5. LOL Cathy. Anytime. I'm not much of a bath girl myself. :-)


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