Monday, March 16, 2009

A Hodge Podge

I realize I've been sorely neglecting my blog of late, but I'm going through another dry spell. Can't think of any big theme stuff to write about. All I have is a little hodge podge of things that I want to mention in passing.

1) Our family cruise is only 42 days away. I have been using to book our hotel rooms (in Kingsland, GA and Miami on the way down, and Jacksonville on the way back up) and only ended up spending $150 total on 3 hotel rooms--all of which provide a free breakfast.

2) This weekend Tom finished painting our master bathroom and it looks fantastic! Unfortunately, he ran out of time to hang our new light fixtures, mini-blinds, and new towel rack over the bathtub, so I'm waiting until he does that before I post any pictures.

3) I've actually found a diet that's working for me and I've lost about 6 lbs in a week and a half. I've been gaining and losing those same six pounds over and over since October, but hopefully they're gone for good now. I'm doing South Beach and doing much better now that I'm restricting my carbs.

4) In addtion, I've also been doing A LOT of pilates, even though I hate it, because after child #2 I am not exactly looking taunt and toned in my mid-section, and I shriek a little inside every time I look in the mirror.

5) I saw a sticker on a car window the other day that made me smile. It said "Wag more. Bark less." And then it made me sad because I used to be over the moon, in love with my dogs, and now they've been moved to the periphery of my life. Not that I don't still love them, but for the last few years, things have been wild around here, and looking back, I think I was just trying to survive from one hour to the next.

6) The last two years seem like a distant memory, even though they were hard. Being pregnant with a one-year-old and having two children under two is MISERABLE. But a year later, it's getting to be kind of fun.

7) Sam and John actually play and interact with each other now, and are clearly going to be very good friends as time goes on. I have lots of friends with a boy and a girl and can't help feeling a little smug on behalf of my boys because, in my opinion, they got the better end of the deal. There's just something magical about two like-minded boys in cahoots with each other. :-)

8) I'm having a lot of fun planning John's safari party, and pretty much have everything all ready to go. And the party's in mid-May. I realize I'm being totally anal about this, but Nicole, my best friend, will finally be visiting me from Australia for the first time since 1994, and it'll probably be the only time we'll ever be able to act like normal best friends do who see each other every day, and go to each other's kids' parties, so I want to make sure it's successful.

9) Yesterday, Sam and I sat down and looked at options for his birthday party in August, and he would like to have a Thomas party at The Pavillion and go for a ride on George the Train. A good idea in theory... I hope it's not hot as blue blazes or it'll be pretty miserable to be outside. Although, birthday cake is a balm for many ills... :-P

10) John is getting to be such a big boy now, standing as often as he can, and trying hard to get into everything in sight. I look at him and can't find the infant I gave birth to last June and I just marvel at how amazingly fast children grow.

11) However, potty training Sam is a nightmare. I even instituted the egg-timer-go-every-thirty-minutes policy, hoping it would train him to be more consistant, but he still managed a poopy diaper, and another one--which he spread into the carpet in his room--at nap time again! Tom and I stripped his room of every last interesting and distracting thing and gave him a good long time out to express our displeasure. Then I had a long talk with him about how yucky and bad speading poop in the carpet is (something you'd think would be self-explanatory), and that only babies poop in diapers and on the floor, that he is a big boy and must poop on the potty and only the potty, and the I taught him (I hope!) that the next time he has a poopy diaper, he needs to bang on the door and scream "MOMMY! POOPIE!" He got the general idea, but screamed "KNOCK! KNOCK!" instead. For our purposes, that's close enough. Someday I'd like to feel confident re-carpeting his bedroom...

12) I'm in the process of trying to figure out summer programs for the boys. Sam's pre-school offers a summer day camp for 6 weeks that John could also attend, for the exhorbitant rate of $90/week. One child is "only" $60/week. And then there's the deposit (or 2) to consider. In addition to that, Sam shows no desire to stop going to The Little Gym either, and enrollment for the summer is starting (for the "bargain" price of $150). In an effort to save money, we will not be sending both boys to camp for 6 weeks, plus enrolling them both at The Little Gym, and getting an Au Pair for the summer, which would be my preference (John will be walking soon, as you know :-P). Instead, I'm going to send John to mother's morning out camp one week (just three mornings) so Sam can have some one-on-one time with just me to go do whatever he wants to do. Then two weeks later, Sam will go a week by himself, and then two weeks later, both boys will go together so I can pack and get the houe squared away before Tom and I leave for his brother's wedding. Plus, we'll enroll Sam at The Little Gym too, but maybe not his baby gymnastics class. I'm going to see if I can get him in the three-year-old sports skills class (since he'll be turning 3 over the summer and can already throw and kick a ball with amazing accuracy). I think he'd like that better.


  1. hey, s's bday is end of august. his fav option is going to a waterpark. and we kind of have a big pick of them around us now. we keep his parties down to a minimum, just family, b/c he gets over stimm'ed quickly, but he enjoys the water so much, it works to go to a waterpark. where we used to live, we had a pool at our condo and did pool parties with a few school friends.

    you may not want to push sam so much on the potty training, may be why he has the endless poo fascination? both my boys, and others i had experience with, were at least 3.5 before fully trained, esp that secreted poo in the corner when you're not looking. the 30-min egg timer sounds pavlovian! lol!

  2. LOL Now that you mention it, it does sound Pavlovian... but Sam didn't mind, he was getting regularly scheduled candy. :-)

    Sam does fine with the potty training until he's distracted (or stuck in his room). I keep hoping he'll make the leap at some point to going consistantly.


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