Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Burst of Creativity

This week the prompt at Creative Construction was "map." I started thinking about ways to bring things like maps and geography alive for little girls (because honestly, they always bored me to tears) and was inspired to create these geographic paper dolls.

I wasn't sure how well it was going to work, and was honestly really surprised by how beautiful the dresses turned out. It was an education for me, because before I started looking at the maps from a dress designing standpoint, I hadn't really noticed the beauty in the patterns and colors before. They were just names and roads and statistics to me.

This dress is a topographical map of Mt. Ranier. I loved the organic quaity of the mountain and the way it created a beautiful flower shape against the brown foothills. The hem is a natural boundary. I just followed the red lines on the map.

This is the park map of Disney World. Does the pattern remind anyone else of a Japanese Obi?

This one is a satellite map of California, and along with the previous dress, a contender for my favorite. You wouldn't think that the jagged coastline of California would look so fluid and full of movement from space, would you? When I see these images, as sappy as it sounds, I'm reminded of how beautiful even the littlest pieces of our planet are.

This is a map of North America. Here again, I let natural boundaries and borders be my guide.

And last, but not least, here is the paper doll herself. I made her from a print out of an Apian Compass Rose, partly because I could see that the lines would give the suggestion of form and under-clothing, which was cool in and of itself, but also because, metaphorically speaking, we are all compasses--pointing in different directions, trying to find our way in the world, all on personal journeys.
I won this week's contest, which was exciting! My little collection of gift cards is supplementing our home improvement efforts. This week I have my eye on a double towel rack. If I can keep up the creative mojo, we need new towel rings too. :-)

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  1. congratulations, brittany! they really are fun and lovely.


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